Plus Size Furniture

large arm chair

Buying plus size furniture should not be an embarrassing experience. After all, you know that it is constructed well and will hold up in the long run. Also, it is also big enough to cuddle in with someone you love.

Styles of Plus Size Furniture

Being a person of size in an average world can be frustrating. Shopping for clothes can be difficult enough, but if you need to find furniture to fit your needs, this is where your headaches may start. Don't worry, though; there are several companies that now cater to full-figured persons searching for larger-sized furniture. And with the right attitude and energy, you will walk away with exactly what you are looking for.

Manufacturers are making many different styles of plus size furniture, including pieces made for persons with disabilities. Many are both wider and taller, with some seats being as wide as two and three feet long. Furniture made exclusively for larger people include:

  • Desk/office chairs
  • Sofas
  • Arm chairs
  • Dining room chairs
  • Stackables
  • Upholstered chairs and sofas
  • Patio furniture
  • Lift chairs
  • Rockers
  • Beds
  • Exercise machines

The majority of oversized furniture can hold a weight capacity of up to 400 pounds, while specialty lift chairs can accommodate up to 700 pounds. Remember, though, that larger furniture also comes with a higher price tag, and for the most part, time from the manufacturer to construct exactly what you want.

Where to Buy Plus Size Furniture

You can always inquire at your local furniture store to see if they make custom, oversized furniture. If not, there are a few places online that specialize in this style of home decor.

Living XL

Besides a slew of personal and healthy living items for plus size men and women, Living XL also sells a variety of home essentials and patio furniture:

  • Large Platform Step Stool: With a weight capacity of up to 1,000 pounds, this 19-inch by 14-inch step stool has non-slip grippers and heavy duty rubber feet. It sells for $79.95.
  • Patio Rocking Chair: This sturdy chair comes in various colors. The back height is 32 inches tall and the seat is 17 1/2 inches wide. It costs about $100.

Miscellaneous Furniture

There are manufacturers out there who will design a piece of furniture to meet your needs as being a plus size person:

How to Buy Oversized Furniture

For starters, take your time. Do not let any company or salesperson remind you that you are a plus sized person. You already know that, or you wouldn't be looking in their store or at their Web site. Remember, there are still people today who are prejudice toward persons of size, so do not let them bully you or talk you into a purchase you are unsure of making.

If you are ordering an item from a store, be sure to try it out. You wouldn't buy a car without test driving it; the same goes for furniture. Make sure your back fits into the chairs nicely and doesn't put any strain where it normally shouldn't. If the chair is a true plus size piece, you will have no trouble getting in or out of it. If the store is unwilling to work with you, then take your business elsewhere. And finally, since many of these pieces are made-to-order, find out what the warranties are, as well as the return and exchange policies.

Shop Around

Not too long ago, you would have a hard time finding suitable plus size furniture for your home office. Times have changed. Many furniture retailers now carry a large variety of furniture to fit individuals of all sizes. Take your time and look around to find the piece that not only looks great, but fits your needs as well.

Plus Size Furniture