Where to Find Plus Size Lingerie Patterns

Crystal Schwanke
Sew your own lingerie.

Using a plus size lingerie pattern allows you to get creative with your lingerie wardrobe. You can be a designer, but you will also have a basis for the lingerie you desire so you can be guaranteed that your creations will fit.

Find a Plus Size Lingerie Pattern

If you prefer to shop for patterns online due to the endless selection, you'll be happy to find the following sites:

  • Sew Sassy - They are sassy! These bra patterns generally go up to DD in size. You will also see one that goes all the way up to FF.
  • Patterns That Fit You is actually a site with classes designed to help you learn to sew your own lingerie. For example, you can purchase SEW203-Lingerie Half Slip-for $9.95. It's a six lesson class complete with patterns. Other classes include:
    • Panties
    • Camisoles
    • Sports bras
  • Etsy.com, believe it or not, has some nice lingerie patterns! Just type in that you're looking for "plus size lingerie pattern" and see what comes up. It will always be different.
  • Lanetz Living has retro lingerie patterns out there for sizes 12 and up. Find babydolls from the 1950s, granny nightgowns from the 1960s, even bedjacket/house slippers combinations.
  • Sewing Patterns.com alone could keep you busy for hours if you enjoy getting lost in the possibilities of clothing you can make for yourself.

Why Sew Your Own Lingerie?

  • It can be cheaper.
  • A lot of plus size undergarments are plain, boring, and seemingly only focused on function-not looking pretty. You can change that by taking control of your own fabrics, colors, and accents.
  • It's fun, rewarding, and can help you wind down if you truly enjoy sewing.
  • If you can't find exactly what you want or need, you can take a pattern, update it a bit, and create exactly the thing you've been looking for.
  • Who knows? You may end up with your own plus size lingerie business.

Get Inspired!

Visit lingerie stores in the mall or online that have styles you like, even if you don't think they carry plus size items. You may see a piece you adore that isn't available in your size but you can also learn to make something similar.

If you're lusting for a royal blue lace teddy with high cut legs and a low, low cut back with a few beads for detail and you find one, inspect it. Look at all the details; find out how it's made and how the beads are attached. Then go home and re-create your own. The fact that it's made based on exactly your measurements will ensure a fabulous fit that will make you feel confident and delight your lover.

Tips for Sewing Plus Size Lingerie

Sewing lingerie is different from sewing less delicate fabrics. Once you find your plus size lingerie pattern, you'll need to know what to do with it, right?

Here are a few sites to check out for tips on sewing in general, or sewing lingerie:

  • Paragon Patterns offers tips like which needle to use for Lycra and lace, how to sew spaghetti straps and more. You can also purchase lingerie patterns there. Check out their basic brief and sports bra styles. Want to make your own patterns? You can purchase supplies there, too.

A book you may enjoy is Lingerie Secrets: Sew a Perfect Fit for Every Body. It will teach you how to select fabric, alter patterns, and more. You'll be sewing up a slip in no time!

Where to Find Plus Size Lingerie Patterns