Where Can I Find Plus Size Sewing Patterns?

Plus Size Sewing Patterns

If you're a full-figured woman who loves to sew, you're in luck. These days, there are a lot of great plus size sewing patterns, especially if you know where to find them. From summer dresses to formal gowns, there's no end to the lovely clothing you can make to fit and flatter your shape.

Kwik Sew

Kwik Sew has dozens of great patterns specifically created for plus size women. You can find some of these designs in craft stores, but there's a great selection available for purchase directly from the Kwik Sew website.

Types of Patterns

You'll find everything from knitwear to work clothing, as well as dresses, lounge wear, and intimates. Many designs are available in sizes up to 4X. Kwik Sew specializes in patterns that are easy for a beginning seamstress, and the designs are classic and comfortable.

  • K3254 Tops and Skirts - This pattern has a very simple design for a V-neck sleeveless top, a jewel-neck top, and two different skirt styles. You can make these pieces out of any lightweight fabric, such as linen, cotton, or synthetic blends. This pattern fits sizes up to 4X and retails for about $7.00.
  • K3482 Pants and Shorts - This versatile pattern has designs for pants, shorts, and capri-length pants, all with a simple elastic waist. Perfect for light or medium weight fabrics, you can use these designs with denim, linen, twill, and more. The pattern fits up to 4X and retails for about $7.00.
  • K2863 Nightgowns - Use this pattern to make two different styles of nightgowns. One is sleeveless, and the other has long sleeves. You can use knit fabrics and lightweight woven options. The pattern fits sizes up to 4X and retails for about $7.00.

Shopping Experience

There aren't any consumer reviews about shopping directly from Kwik Sew, but this company has been in business for decades. They pride themselves on customer service, and there are no posted complaints.

Important Policies

Kwik Sew ships most patterns within one business day, and shipping takes about a week. The cost of shipping your order depends on the number of patterns you buy, but it costs about $4.00 to ship three patterns or less. There is a 20-pattern limit on all orders.

You can return any pattern in original condition within 30 days.


Offering more than 40 different patterns designed especially for full-figured women, Butterick is another excellent choice. You can purchase patterns directly from their website.

Types of Patterns

Butterick's plus size patterns typically go up to size 24W, although some go up to 6X. You'll find everything from swimwear to outerwear, including knit pieces, business casual clothing, and more. They specialize in classic clothing that looks great on a range of ages and body shapes, but don't expect to find youthful styles here. Formal wear options are also very limited. Consider some of the following cute patterns.

  • B5794 Women's Dress - This knitwear pattern, designed for up to a 24W, will help you create a V-neck, flutter-sleeve dress in a long or short length. You can also choose optional long sleeves. The empire waist makes it ideal for the fuller figure. Since it uses a two-way stretch knit fabric, this design is best for someone with some previous sewing experience. The pattern retails for just under $10.00.
  • B4899 Lifestyle Wardrobe - This pattern, sized up to 32W, includes designs for several separates. You can use it to make pants, a top, a jacket, a skirt, and a dress. It's ideal for a variety of fabrics, including linen, gabardine, and crepe. You'll need some prior sewing experience, but you don't need to be an expert. This pattern sells for about $10.00.
  • B5828 Connie Crawford Women's Jacket - This unlined jacket, which comes in sizes up to 6X, is a great project for someone who is new to sewing. You can choose from two different designs, and one features an attached scarf. Ideal for medium-weight wool fabrics, this pattern sells for about $10.00.

Shopping Experience

You can purchase Butterick's patterns at your local fabric store, but it's easier to shop online to get the best selection. Although there are no online reviews of the purchasing experience with Butterick, this company has been selling patterns for more than 150 years. There are no posted complaints.

Important Policies

Butterick ships all patterns the day after you place your order on the website. Shipping costs vary by the number of patterns you order, but you can expect to spend $4.00 to ship three patterns. Most patterns are delivered within seven business days.

You can return any unopened pattern within 30 days of purchase, as long as you retain your original receipt and give explanation about the reason for the return.


If you're looking for designs that are a little more youthful, BurdaStyle is a great place to shop. You can download any pattern instantly to your computer.

Types of Patterns

BurdaStyle has 190 different patterns for plus size women, all of which are stylish and fun. You'll find casual clothes, formal dresses, outerwear, separates, and more. BurdaStyle specializes in youthful, of-the-moment styles. All plus size patterns go up to a European size 52, which translates to a US size 20.

You'll love these options:

  • Summer Dress - With sweetly gathered shoulders, an empire waist, and a plunging V-neck, this summer dress flows and flatters. Make it out of chiffon, voile, or another sheer fabric, and allow the satin under dress to peak through. Best for a seamstress with some previous experience, this pattern retails for about $5.00.
  • Cowl Dress - If you're looking for an intermediate-level formal dress with some seriously flattering details, this is a perfect choice. The structured yet form-fitting shape and elegant cowl neckline make it great for a variety of body types, and you can make it from satin, metallic fabricss, or anything with some lightweight body. The pattern retails for around $5.00.
  • Loose Jacket - Making this loose jacket is easy for the seamstress with a little past experience. The open, flowing front means no closures to deal with, and it's unlined and has unfinished edges. Make it out of mid-weight wool in your choice of color. The pattern retails for about $5.00.

Shopping Experience

According to PatternReview.com, one of the best things about BurdaStyle is the way you can choose a design based on your sewing experience level. The wide range of sizes is also a major plus. The company has been making patterns since the 1950s, so they have a great deal of experience in this area.

Important Policies

Since BurdaStyle now sells patterns for immediate download, there's no shipping policy or return policy. Simply pay for your pattern and print it at home the same day.

Fashion Patterns by Coni

Connie Crawford is a pattern designer for Butterick, and she also has her own like of patterns for women called Fashion Patterns by Coni. There's an entire section of designs especially for women from size XL through 6X, and patterns are available for purchase right through the website.

Types of Patterns

You'll find dozens of different designs for tops, dresses, pants, skirts, jackets, and even lingerie. The general style is classic and not especially trendy, but these are great wardrobe staples you can make yourself. All plus size patterns are specially designed to flatter the full-figured woman and come in sizes up to 6X.

Consider some of these attractive options:

  • Princess dress from FashionPatterns.com
    Princess Dress With Collar from Fashion Patterns by Coni
    Princess Dress with Collar - This beautiful, sleeveless dress design has flattering princess seams and a wide, flat collar around the V-neck. You can make it long or knee-length. It's perfect for lightweight fabrics like cotton voile or special occasion fabrics like silk. The princess seams make it easy to fit, so this is a good option for a beginner. It retails for $20.00.
  • Shoulder Princess Blouse - This unique design is made to be modified as you choose. You can create the basic princess-seamed blouse, or you can use the pattern as a springboard for making your own dress designs and other clothing. The pattern guides you through getting the perfect fit and works with many different types of fabrics. This is ideal for the intermediate-level seamstress, and the pattern retails for $20.00.
  • Hooded Jacket, T-Top, and Styled Pants - This versatile pattern gives you everything you need to create several different knitwear styles, including leggings, yoga pants, knit capri pants, hoodies, and T-shirts. You can use any knit fabric. Since this pattern involves sewing with knits, it is best for those with some previous sewing experience. This pattern retails for $20.00.

Shopping Experience

There aren't any online reviews about Fashion Patterns by Coni, but they have been operating as a successful independent pattern company for many years. There are no posted complaints about this business.

Important Policies

Fashion Patterns by Coni ships all orders the next business day after they are placed. If you order more than $89.00 worth of merchandise, you can get free shipping. You can also return any pattern in its original condition within 60 days of purchase.

Free Plus Size Sewing Patterns

In most cases, you'll need to purchase patterns for making your own clothes. However, there are a few resources for free plus size sewing patterns online. If you like one of these styles, you may be able to stretch your sewing budget a little further.

Get the Fit, Fabric, and Style You Want

Making your own clothing allows you to customize the fit, fabric, and style of the pieces you wear. This is a great way to get the look you want without spending a fortune on custom alterations or designer pieces. What's more, you'll have the satisfaction of knowing your sewed your own clothing.

Where Can I Find Plus Size Sewing Patterns?