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Be party-ready or polished enough for work with a pair of plus size palazzo pants. Dressier than jeans but less revealing than leggings or straight pants, these luxurious looking and feeling pants are enjoying a fashion revival. Invest in a pair or two to freshen your look for the upcoming season.

About Plus Size Palazzo Pants

In addition to being an on-trend style, plus size palazzo pants take full advantage of all the wonderful benefits of a made-for-comfort design. The cut of the pants is generous throughout the calves, knees, and thighs, which provides greater comfort in motion while disguising heavier body parts. The tailored silhouette looks slim and sleek rather than baggy, visually elongates any figure, and subtracts inches instantly.

The materials used to create palazzo pants, like chiffon, georgette, crepe or slinky knits, have a buttery hand and majestic drape. They feel as comfortable as a favorite pair of pajamas but seductively suggest curves in a slenderizing fashion.

While many people think palazzo pants and gaucho pants are the same, the garments are different. Both have a roomier lower body cut and wide legs, but the hem of gaucho pants typically falls to the knee or slightly below while the palazzo pants' hem falls below the ankle.

How to Wear Palazzo Pants

To look your best in palazzo pants, keep your silhouette in symmetry to avoid creating an illusion of lower body bulk. Pair the pants with a plus size vest or jacket in a matching color to create a vertical line that is uber slimming. Blouses and other tops should be tucked in or have hemlines that graze or fall slightly below the waist. Chandelier or drop earrings and V-necklines draw the eye up and balance the lower part of the body.

Black is an iconic, safe fashion color (think little black dress), but do not be afraid to invest in bold colors like red or deep purple to add a vivid hit of color to your wardrobe. Stick to small prints and designs or opt for vertical details to create an illusion of height and slimness.

Treat Yourself to Palazzo Pants

To get the best fit, you may want to shop for your first pair of palazzo pants at a brick-and-mortar store. Check your appearance in the three-way mirror, and try on a wide range of tops and jackets to identify the most flattering cuts. Once you know the styles you like best, you can always comparison shop online for a larger selection of styles and colors with stores like these:

  • Trendy Plus Size Clothes: Try out a new look with styles that are out of the ordinary.
  • Macy's: Be the belle of the ball with dressy palazzo pants ensembles, and enjoy free shipping and discounted prices for qualifying orders.

Palazzo pants are enduring fashion styles that wax and wane in popularity; currently, they are a retro-chic fashion accessory. That being said, boutiques, consignment shops or thrift stores that carry vintage clothing can be excellent venues for finding one-of-a-kind palazzo pants from the the 1960s and '70s.

Things You Need to Know

The care and maintenance of any garment impacts the cost per wear. Be sure to read manufacturer's care labels carefully before investing in a new pair of plus size palazzo pants. Pants that can be machine washed and dried are less expensive over the life of a garment than those that require dry cleaning. Fragile fabrics that require hand washing can be a hassle and may discourage you from wearing an item frequently.

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Plus Size Palazzo Pants