3x Control Panty

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Today's fabrics like Spandex allow 3x control panty options that hold you in with a lot more style than your grandmother ever experienced trying to squeeze into her girdle.

Choosing the Control Panty Best for You

Control undergarments are made of modern fabrics that stretch easily while giving you the comfortable control you're looking for. When buying control undergarments or shapewear, it's important to try the garments on, because even though the advertising may say that the design offers a comfy waist band, the snugness may be more than you want to endure for hours at a party or family gathering.

Along with control, another popular design feature to look for in shapewear is seamless construction, which lets your control panty disappear beneath your clothing. After all, you didn't choose shapewear to announce to the world that you're wearing it. The idea is to wear it to look your best. Period.

3x Control Panty Options

Trying to find shapewear in size 3x or larger is a little more challenging. Many manufacturers stop with small, medium and large; however, there are manufacturers who do offer options in size 3x control panty styles. If you buy from a company that knows and understands the needs of plus size clients, chances are better that their product will not only give you the control you want, but comfort and style, too. What style you choose will have a lot to do with what clothing you plan to wear over the undergarments. For example, if you are wearing slacks, you may want to wear a high cut brief that not only controls the tummy but also lifts the booty, whereas a long-legged brief will offer a slimming effect under a clingy dress.

Boxer Shaper Panties

Boxer Shaper Panties are preferred by many plus size women because they offer more control as they slim the stomach, hips, and waist. Some patterns also feature butt-lifting designs to help accentuate your figure.

You can find boxer shaper control top underwear easily, but finding it in size 3x or larger is a little more challenging. Here are a few online shops to visit to get a better idea of what is available:

High Waist Briefs

Other Shapewear Products

Along with panties, you can find shapewear in size 3x for products from swimwear, sportswear and tank tops to bras, slips and intimate apparel. Here are some of the brand names to look for:

Benefits of Plus Size Shapewear

Shapewear is designed to help plus size women slim or smooth their figures. No matter what brand you buy, most plus size shapewear has a few things in common:

  • They slenderize
  • Offer seamless construction for sleek invisible control under your clothes
  • Provide a compressive fit that lifts and shapes

Plus size women ought to feel good about their bodies. Since not everyone has the same shape, wearing control panties, and other shapewear is one way to make the best of your ample curves.

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3x Control Panty