3x Leotards

 Working out!

Whether it's for dance, cheering or skating, you can wear your 3X leotard while participating in your favorite activity.

Where to Wear a Leotard

A leotard is a one-piece garment made of skintight, stretchy material. It covers only the body and leaves the legs free. Leotards are entered through the neck; there are no snaps at the bottom. A leotard may be required for various activities such as:

  • Dance class
  • Skating
  • Cheerleading
  • Gymnastics
  • Yoga
  • Fitness class
  • Added as a layer for warmth

Where to Find a 3X Leotard

Sometimes it isn't easy finding leotards in plus sizes. There are several online sites that carry 3X leotards. Check out:

  • You Go Girl! Dancewear sells many plus size leotards including the Danskin Plus Stretch Nylon Long Sleeve Leotard that is perfect for dance or cheer. It comes in a wide range of colors: red, royal, purple, white and black. Another popular choice is the Capezio Plus Tank Leotard that features a moderate scoop neckline and moderate leg line. It has a self fabric bra lining for light support but can also be worn with a bra. Capezio plus-size dancewear features premium Meryl fabric which is extremely durable and has a soft matte finish. The leotard is available in either black or raisin.
  • Danskin sells long-sleeve, short-sleeve, tank and scoop neck leotards. They have a wide range of colors including: purple, royal, white, red and black.
  • SF Dancewear has a selection of plus size leotards in colors such as black, burgundy, liberty blue, pansy purple and turquoise.
  • Pampos carries plus size leotards such as the micro fiber long sleeve leotard by Body Wrappers.

Styles of Leotards

Leotards come in several styles. Depending on your specific activity and need, styles include:

  • Camisole
  • Mock neck
  • Long sleeve
  • Tank
  • Petal sleeve
  • Short sleeve
  • Boat neck
  • Sleeveless

What to Wear With Your Leotard

Just because you are full-figured doesn't mean that you can't wear a leotard while enjoying your activity. You can wear something over your leotard so you are not as self-conscious. Some common items to wear with your leotard are:

  • Dance skirts
  • Tights
  • Jazz pants
  • Capri dance pants
  • Hot shorts
  • Skorts

Many leotards are made with a built-in bra for support and comfort. If wearing tights with your leotard, be sure to wear them under the leotard. If wearing underwear, make sure that they are cut high enough as to not stick out from underneath. Many leotards have cotton crotches so underwear is not necessary. A leotard can also be worn under clothing for additional warmth. Wear one under a T-shirt or sweatshirt as an added layer.

End Notes

It is important to always compare your actual measurements to the sizing chart made for the specific leotard brand. Dancewear is sized much smaller than normal street clothing so your regular size may not be what you will wear in leotards.

Since leotards can be expensive, be sure to care for them properly. Always follow the manufacturers' instructions. To keep their shape, hand washing in cold water with a mild detergent is usually recommended. Dry your leotard flat and keep it out of direct heat.

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