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Anti-Embolism Ladies Plus Size Stockings

bed ridden patient

Anti-embolism stockings are prescribed for people who aren't able to move about, usually bed-ridden patients. Anti-embolism stockings provide gentle compression while you remain bed-ridden. The range of compression can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, but all of them should keep down swelling and reduce the amount of fluid that collects in your legs. These are generally provided for short-term hospitalizations and they're used for preventing blood from pooling in the veins of the leg, which can lead to clotting. They usually come in white or beige, and are available in lengths ranging from knee-high to thigh-high. Some cover the toes completely, while others leave the toes open.

Where to Shop

You can look into your local drugstore or pharmacy for a selection of anti-embolism ladies plus size stockings, or you can check out these online retailers who provide these compression hose in a range of sizes, including those to fit fuller-figured patients:

  • Compression Store: You can find stockings made for preventing embolisms in sizes up to XXL at this site. Choose from knee-length, thigh-length or waist-length.
  • New Look: For the best fit, take accurate measurements of your legs and compare them to the stocking measurements that are offered.
  • Ames Walker: There are size and color charts available at this site. You may have the option of closed or open toes on your stockings, so be sure to check out all of your options, whether you choose a knee-high or thigh-high style. You can also look at the helpful "Putting on Your Stockings" tutorial, which details how to put the stockings on your feet. By following these simple directions, you can make sure you get the most benefits from this legwear.
  • Elite Medical: Special silicone bands around the leg of the stockings offered from this site ensure that they stay in place and not slip down your leg.

Be sure to check the return policy for online purchases because some retailers won't accept returns. By taking careful measurements of your legs (from the thighs down the ankles), you're more likely to get the right fit and not have to deal with the hassle of returns, or not being able to return the wrong size at all.

Proper Fit

Make sure your stockings fit properly. If you try to wear a size that's too small for you, it can be uncomfortably tight. While these stockings are made to compress your leg, you shouldn't feel any pain. The most pressure you would feel should be concentrated at your ankles, which is generally the smallest part of your leg, diameter-wise. What you don't want to happen is having your circulation cut off, so wearing the right size is crucial for maximum comfort and benefit.


Follow the care instructions for your stockings to ensure they last as long as possible. Most can be gently machine washed and dried on low temperatures for a short period of time. Your stockings should last four to six months; after this time, they should be replaced. With the decrease in elasticity, the compression level will decrease over time, making your stockings less effective.

Best for Your Health

Whatever the reason for being bed-ridden, you'll come out of your hospital stay healthy and happy if you can avoid additional problems, such as blood clots. For some people, this can be a dangerous condition, so following your doctor's orders and wearing your anti-embolism support hose when prescribed is a good way to prevent yourself from becoming sick.

Anti-Embolism Ladies Plus Size Stockings