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Casual tops

Dressing casually doesn't mean dressing poorly. Find out how to combine separates to create outfits that will look great even when you're just running errands or relaxing.

Casual Outfits at Home or On the Go

Plus size casual wear is the core of any full-figured woman's wardrobe. It's comfy, and most plus size casual outfits can be worn almost anywhere. This category of women's wear has just about the widest selection of all, so mixing and matching a few separates can set you up with a nice wardrobe. Choose your separates in complementary colors and patterns that look good together, adding a few more pieces as you go, and you're off to a great start.

Here are some examples of casual outfits for different occasions.

  • Shopping: This is the time for ultra comfort. Let the weather be your guide, but choose comfortable clothes like a fleece hoodie and stretch jeans since you'll be on the move.
  • Having a casual dinner with friends: Pair up designer jeans with a sleeveless turtleneck and a blazer for a structured yet casual look that flatters your figure.
  • On a date: A halter top dress can look very flattering on plus size figures. You can even pair it up with a matching shrug if the weather turns cool.
  • Relaxing at home: This is where an assortment of loungewear comes in handy like T-shirts, flannel pants or even a comfy housedress.

Casual outfits are also perfect for trying out trendy tops or accessories. Add a few seasonal pieces in as needed to update your wardrobe and keep your look fresh.

Define Your Personal Style

Aside from work clothing, most women wear their casual clothing more often than any other clothing they own. So, this can be where you really define your style. Choose pieces you love, but always keep the idea of coordinating in the back of your mind so you can build a casual wardrobe that allows you to easily throw a terrific outfit together without a lot of fuss.

Plus Size Casual Outfits