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Today's plus size clothing stores have a wide range of apparel options, and there are more plus size stores and brands popping up than ever before. Knowing details about specific stores can make it easier to find the figure-flattering styles and sizes you need.

Plus Size Clothing Store Tips

Whether you're shopping online or in person, knowing about the best plus size clothing stores and what they offer can help when it comes to buying plus size fashions.

Check the Plus Sizing Range

One aspect to check out when considering places to shop is the specific plus size clothing size range the store offers. Check to see if they offer the size you need - this can be especially important for ladies who are looking for super plus size options. Some stores, like Chico's, may even have their own specific sizing in place that differs from standard plus sizes. If you need a specific size like petite plus or tall plus, you'll also want to see in advance if the stores carry those special sizes.

Consider Style Options

While some plus apparel shops - such as Catherines, Lane Bryant, and - carry a full range of clothing from active wear to work outfits, others may only focus on a certain aspect. They may cater to classic, work-friendly looks, or they may be honed in on offering trendy, casual fashions. Some items, such as special occasion dresses or swimwear, may not be available at all plus clothing stores either. Maybe you are looking for modest plus clothing or plus size Gothic fashions - or you're looking for a certain brand name like Jones of New York. Take note of the styles and designs you're looking for in order to find the best places to shop at.

Think About Budget and Pricing

Modern plus clothing comes in a wide range of prices, so curvy ladies with any budget can find what they need. From plus size designer apparel to low-priced every day items like tees and leggings, there are plenty of choices. You may want to spend a little more on classic staples and spice things up with trendier pieces to keep your wardrobe fresh.

Know About Sales, Coupons and Return Policies Before You Shop

Plus size retailers all have their own ways to save, as well as individual return and exchange policies. Knowing when to get the best deals and how to sign up for special sales or coupon alerts can help you save. Understanding the return and exchange policies will help ensure you're able to get the right fit. Plus clothing can vary depending on the brand and style, so it may be sized more generously or smaller than you expect.

Finding Fabulous Plus Size Fashions

Gathering some knowledge about the options in plus size apparel stores can arm you to be ready to shop for fabulous styles. Whether you are looking for wool coats, plus size all dresses, or even plus Halloween costumes, once you know where to shop, you can let the fun of finding incredible fashions begin!

Plus Size Clothing Stores