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Article Highlight: Plus Size Summer Dress Patterns

If you are a talented seamstress who makes her own clothing as a means of ensuring a perfect fit, you may be looking for plus size summer dress patterns to prepare for warmer weather. There are currently many… Keep reading »

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Plus Size Living

Let's face it -- being a woman is hard work. You have responsibilities to yourself, your families and your jobs. Besides being at your best, most times you have to look your best as well. And if you are a plus size woman, there are times when you have additional hurdles to get over. That's what Plus Size Living is all about -- living your life as a woman of size and loving every minute of it.

About Plus Size Living

It doesn't matter if you are a size 16 or a size 32 -- Plus Size Living is all about making your life as a larger woman a little bit easier to lead. It's about:

  • Understanding what the difference in sizes really are (1x, 18 or 18W?)
  • Finding the right exercise to do -- and the outfit to match it
  • Learning from the experts what to wear and not to wear
  • Finding the perfect Web site to buy some sexy lingerie
  • Learning to be plus size and healthy at the same time
  • Loving who you are no matter what your size

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