Where to Find Cheap Large Size Women's Rings

Large size women's aquamarine ring

If you're a full-figured woman who loves jewelry but doesn't want to break the bank each time you want a new ring, you'll be glad to learn that there are plenty of low-cost options to decorate your digits without emptying your wallet. Whether you love rings that are dramatic and bold, sleek and sophisticated, or simply stunning, there are many beautiful, low-cost fashion rings available in sizes to flatter your fingers and fit your sense of style.

Where to Find Fashion Rings in Large Sizes

Most retailers that carry plus size women's rings offer their products in sizes nine through 12; however, there are companies that offer extended sizing on women's fashion rings. If you wear ring sizes larger than the average woman, shop at some of these great retailers who carry plus size women's jewelry.

Classic Plus Size Jewelry

Classic Plus Size Jewelry caters to plus size men and women. Curvy women will find a nice selection of sterling silver rings here, in sizes up to 15. Because the jewelry is sterling silver, prices can fluctuate. Consider the following beautiful styles:

Plus Size Ring-Sterling Silver Amethyst Marquise
Sterling Silver Amethyst Marquise
  • The Plus Size Sterling Silver Amethyst Marquise Ring is a beautiful and simple design, featuring a marquise-cut amethyst set in a simple sterling band. It's an eye-catching and affordable design.
  • The Plus Size Sterling Silver Large Flower Ring is another lovely choice. This exquisite ring features a large sterling flower that would go with any outfit.

Classic Plus Size Jewelry only conducts business online. There are no consumer reviews for Classic Plus Size Jewelry, or its parent company, Classic Design Jewelers, LLC. This company isn't accredited with the Better Business Bureau, but there is no record of complaints against it.


Emitations carries a large selection of plus size women's costume jewelry, including rings. Most of their selections are available to size 12, with a few offered in sizes 13 and 14. Although some of the rings are pricier, you'll find lots of lovely and affordable options, such as the following:

Emitations does not have retail locations and conducts all business online. According to the Better Business Bureau, Emitations is not accredited but does receive a rating of A+. Any consumer complaints or issues have been quickly resolved.


Since Torrid specializes in plus size fashions, you'll find plenty of inexpensive jewelry in their shops. You can find a lot of bling at prices that will make you want to pick up two, three, or more rings in one shopping trip. Most rings retail for under $15 and are available in sizes to 11. Try one of these styles:

  • One beautiful example is the Gemstone Band Ring. This band is studded with pave stones around the edges and features large stones in the center. It sells for under $15.
  • The Rhinestone Leaf Ring will become a conversation piece. It's made of black metal and rhinestones in a cage style with layered floral designs. Pick it up for about $14.

Torrid has local stores around the United States, and you can also shop online. According to reviews on Yelp.com, Torrid has a great selection of on-trend merchandise; however, their quality can be a bit questionable.

Shopping Tips

Keep the following tips in mind as you shop for low-cost rings:

  • Although rings are made to flatter your fingers, not every ring style looks best on every hand. If possible, try on the ring to see how it looks before purchasing.
  • One of the great things about being curvy is that you can pull off dramatic designs without being overwhelmed. Don't be afraid to wear large rings that would dwarf a more petite woman.
  • Generally, plus size women should avoid wearing rings that are very small and delicate, as these types of rings often appear to get lost on large hands.
  • Consider how you plan to use this ring. If you'll be wearing it more than one season, you may be better off with a sterling silver style that costs a little more than the cheapest selections.

Lots of Fabulous Options

You don't have to spend a fortune to get a statement-making plus size ring. In fact, for less than $50, you can find dozens of fabulous options if you know where to shop. Consider investing in several of these baubles so you can change up your look whenever you like.

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