Drawings of Plus Size Women's Body Shapes

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It's not as hard to find drawings of plus size women's body shapes as you might think. Although thinness is often revered in today's society, there are still patrons of full figured art who appreciate the roundness and curves on women of size. You can fill your home with art that celebrates the fuller figure in all kinds of positive ways. Art can be photography, paintings, sculptures or drawings.

The Renaissance Woman

It's easy to see women's bodies as depicted during the Renaissance are much fleshier and rounder than what you often see on magazine covers or in movies today. The ample bosom, curved belly and rounded thighs that you see in much of Renaissance art were considered beautiful during that era. It was rare to see a stick-thin figure at the time - bones sticking out everywhere were not viewed as attractive!

Art Class

Live models are still used for art classes. It's just not the same to try and recreate a piece of art from a picture because you miss out on subtleties like shadow and depth. If you're interested in modeling for a class, you can look into inquiring at art schools or community colleges. Keep in mind that many models who pose for these classes do so in the nude, so you have to be very comfortable not only with your body, but also being unclothed in front of others. Art instructors usually prefer a range of body types and sizes and plus size women are no exception. Full-figured women have different body shapes such as pear shaped, apple shaped, inverted triangle shaped - there is something to be learned in each type.

Perhaps you're more interested in learning how to draw. Again, you can check out community college classes or visit art supply stores to find out if they offer classes or can refer you. If you've always been artistic, taking a class can inspire and motivate you.

Finding Drawings of Plus Size Women's Body Shapes

Displaying the female form has long been a staple of artists. If you're able to model for a class, perhaps you'll be able to keep a drawing from one of the students. Or perhaps you have a talented friend who'd be willing to do a sketch of you, clothed or not. You can also find drawings that celebrate the full figured woman at these sites:

  • The National Eating Disorder Information Center sells a variety of art that portrays the woman of size in a positive light, including drawings of plus size women's body shapes on posters and gift cards.
  • Artist Ianardo showcaes a collection of his BBW Art Gallery at his Ianardo's Web site. The portraits he has captured range from flirty, fun, alluring, serious…a full set of emotions experienced by everyone, all on beautifully curvy women.
  • Les Toil features an incredibly large number of drawings at his site, all of them showcasing women of size. Some are heroic, some are seductive, but all of them are beautiful. You can spend a huge amount of time clicking each link in the galleries, so be prepared to enjoy the variety of inspiring full-figured images at this site.
  • VoluptuArt aims to educate and inspire women of all sizes, especially those who are plus size. You'll find a variety of art and gifts, including drawings that have been rendered onto gift cards and posters.

Real Art

Whether you decorate your home with drawings of plus size women's body shapes or you're interested in learning how to draw the female body with an emphasis on the fuller figure, you can find artwork that celebrates the curvy frame as well as take classes yourself to unleash an artistic talent. Remember: If you're looking for art that shows women with curves in a positive way, there are resources out there for you.

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Drawings of Plus Size Women's Body Shapes