Finding Flannel Shirts in Plus Sizes

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Finding flannel shirts in plus sizes may not be as easy as you were hoping, but don't resort to shopping in the men's department just yet. Fashionable choices designed with full figures in mind are available. You can find stylish, feminine flannels in your size - and that flatter your figure - with a little effort.

Buying and Wearing Plus Size Flannel

Outfits for a variety of activities can be created with flannel shirts as a base piece. Consider the following ideas:

Casual Day at Work

Pair a shaped flannel with flat-front khaki pants and simple jewelry for casual day at the office. Wear underneath a cardigan for a chilly Friday at the office.

  • Cabela's Mt. Evans Long-Sleeve Shirt is perfect for casual days at work because it has more shape than most flannel shirts. This shirt has ruching in the chest and has a more tailored shape - coming in at the waist and opening up at the hem - which is ideal for plus sized women. It's perfect for the woman who wants a more feminine feel to her flannel. In sizes S-2XL.
  • Lands' End typically offers flannel tunics in season. Their classic styles are designed to look great over khakis at the office. Look for features like rolled up sleeves and open collars for a casually flirty look. Their plus size offerings generally come in sizes O-3X and have special features to flatter your curves.

Going Out

Pair a trendy t-shirt with an unbuttoned flannel shirt. Add your straight leg jeans and a pair of heeled boots. Complete the look with some big hoop earrings and flashy makeup to rock a dinner at your local bar and grill.

  • Roaman's Flannel Plaid Bigshirt is a perfect top to wear over black leggings for a night out with friends. The bigger cut of the shirt is toned down by the snug fit of the leggings, so you look instantly stylish. This shirt is also a bit longer than many others, offering more coverage for the woman who doesn't want to show off her legs. Available in seven colors. Sizes 12-36.
  • Serengeti's Brushed Buffalo Plaid Tunic is a different take on flannel. This shirt has a low deep V-neck with a knit inset, so it looks like you're wearing a black tank top underneath. The front seams give the shirt a more tailored, less boxy shape to celebrate your curves instead of hide them. Sizes S-3X.

Outdoor Activities

Hit the pumpkin patches and the hay rides wearing a flannel shirt over a ribbed Henley. Rugged corduroy pants or jeans and hiking boots help keep you warm and protected from the elements.

  • Forever21's Plaid Longline Shirt is perfect for helping the kids carve pumpkins or a trip to the petting zoo. This flannel shirt has flattering pintucking across the chest so that the fit isn't too boxy, and there is a drawstring around the waist to help define your shape. Available in sizes X-2X.
  • For a variation from the typical red and blue flannel, consider NorthStyle's Plaid Flannel Shirt. This top offers all the comfort and warmth of the typical flannel shirt, but comes in soft, feminine colors such as lavender, pale pink, and aqua blue. There's a pleat in the back between the shoulders, creating a more flattering shape so the shirt isn't boxy and shapeless. Available in sizes XS-3X.

Western Style

A plaid flannel top with western plus size jeans is perfect for line dancing or watching a rodeo. Be sure to complete your cowboy look with silver jewelry and boots.

  • Blair's Cotton Flannel Shirt comes in a variety of colors and patterns - floral and plaid - to help you choose your perfect western look. Opt for serious cowgirl with the plaid options, or go for a more romantic feel with the florals. This shirt is pleated in the back and has a tapered waist so it fits you better. Sizes S-3XL.

Getting the Right Fit

Too often, women end up buying their chilly weather shirts in the men's section. If you buy flannel shirts from the men's department, they might fit your waist, but exactly what kind of fit are you getting everywhere else? Men's shirts tend to be cut boxier and straighter than women's and have larger shoulders. Shirttails that hang down to your knees with shoulder seams halfway down your arms will look silly, not slimming. Just because you are a plus sized woman does not mean you have to hide in oversized flannels for the fall family hay ride or hike.

Wearing the right style - and size - of flannel will enhance, not hide, your curves. Things to look for to ensure a good plus size fit are:

  • Darts in the chest so the shirt fits your curves properly
  • Tapered waist to enhance your shape
  • Princess seams along the front and back to mimic the hourglass form
  • V-neck to draw the eye down and create length
  • Gathering or ruching to create a better fit

Proper fit is essential. Contrary to what you may think, picking up a flannel shirt that is too big will only make you look bigger - not cover up the flaws you think you are hiding. Wearing the appropriate size, whatever it may be, is essential to flattering your shape.

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Finding Flannel Shirts in Plus Sizes