Full Figure Fashions

full figure fashion

Plus size women no longer have to rely on unflattering, ill-fitting clothes with the wide availability of full figure fashions for every personality and budget. Not everyone is meant to be a size six, but some stores don't seem to realize this. Fortunately, there are retailers who either specialize in the plus size market or carry lines made for their full-figured customers. While women of size sometimes feel more comfortable shopping at stores where only larger sizes are carried, there are plenty of options in department stores as well.

Stores for Full Figure Fashions

While there are a number of shops that plus size women are more than likely familiar with, there are other stores that carry a range of sizes, including average, petite and plus size. Department stores often label their larger sizes of clothing "Women's." One of the features you may notice is that Women's clothing usually costs more than average size clothing; this is due to the cost of extra materials in producing the garments. This may seem like bias to some women of size, although it's widely practiced in the clothing industry.

Some of the familiar retailer names that cater to the full figured market include:

You can shop in person or online; there are also catalogs available for select retailers.

If you shop in person, it's always a good idea to try before you buy. Not only does this reduce the hassle of returns if what you buy doesn't fit once you get it home, you can assemble your outfits in the store dressing room to see if your selections are flattering. If you can take a friend along, do so; it's nice to have a trusted buddy's input on what looks good and what you should leave on the rack.

Stylish Ideas

Forget about muumuus and caftans. Full figure fashions are just as trendy and stylish as clothes made for average size women. After all, in the United States, the average woman is a size 12; many plus size clothes begin at size 14. Curvy girls can look just as fashionable as their size two counterparts, but it takes confidence to pull off a chic look. To make the most of your figure, consider these fashion tips:

  • Wear bright colors on parts you want to call attention to: If you have a beautiful neckline and want to make the most of it, try a print top like this turquoise and black stunner. Also, plus size women can often carry off a bold jewelry look, so sport those chunky pieces with flair.
  • A dress in ruby red is sure to get you noticed. The wrap style flatters many different shapes. It can either enhance your hourglass figure or help create the illusion of a smaller waist for women who aren't as hourglass-shaped.

Be Trendy

Look to magazines that cater to the full figured woman for style ideas. There are many fashion magazines on the newsstands, but most only feature ultra-thin models. To get a better representation of women who look like you, try these publications:

Don't think that plus size magazines aren't up on the latest trends; fashion tends to follow the same trends whether you're petite, average or curvy. The trick is to make the trends work for you. While plus size women should avoid the skinny pant craze whenever it rolls around, embrace the high waistband; it makes your legs appear longer and you look taller.

Enjoy the selection of clothing for women of size that's available today and sport pieces that fit you and make you feel like a million bucks.

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Full Figure Fashions