Hairstyles for Plus Size Women

Finding the Right Hairstyle For You

The best hairstyles for plus size women flatter the face and body. However, above all, they make the wearer feel beautiful every day. There are currently a number of options that successfully deliver this winning combination.

Layered Bob

If you're a casual t-shirt and shorts type of person, your hairstyle should resonate with your low-maintenance vibes. A layered bob is a great, versatile hairdo that you can easily dress up or down depending on the occasion. Request that your hairdresser pay special attention to your front layers to create a slimming, face-framing aesthetic.

Glamorous Curls

Full-bodied locks will balance your overall look. Big, bouncy curls achieved with a curling iron are ideal for days where you feel like making an impact. They draw attention away from your face while amping up the drama. If you need help in the volume department, opt for a shampoo, conditioner or styling product developed specifically to give the illusion of plumped up hair.

Cool Braiding

A braided hairstyle is a practical way to protect your hair while adding a fun element to your appearance. To flatter the face, consider cornrows or twists that pull your locks back towards your crown and then either leave your ends loose or tie them back into a sophisticated ponytail. As well as allowing you to stand out in a crowd for all the right reasons, braided hair is incredibly low-maintenance and requires little day-to-day styling.

Blunt Simplicity

If you want to incorporate angles to counteract a round or curvy face shape, consider a blunt shoulder length hairstyle with a middle parting. Whether you wear yours with retro-inspired flicked ends or go for a more smooth, sleek look, you can add interest in the form of pinned plaits or pieces for a cute everyday style. To amp up the ante, try experimenting with different color effects.

Tousled and Carefree

If you want your round face to be concealed under a gorgeous mop of hair, opt for a tousled and carefree hairstyle that epitomizes the "just got out of bed" look. The more volume involved, the better! You can easily achieve this style by curling your entire mane on a low heat setting and then running your fingers through the curls to undefine them. Proceed to add texture at the roots through styling putty or powder for enhanced body.

Long and Straight

If curly tresses aren't really your thing, that's okay! Merely opt for a long and straight style instead. The more length involved, the more it will counterbalance a curvy face shape. It will also create a more striking aesthetic overall. However, try to incorporate as much volume as you can even though you're straightening your hair. If your hair is poker straight and lies flat to your head, it's not as flattering as the alternative.

Inverted Bob

Bangs can be tricky for plus size women. If they're cut blunt, they're not very forgiving on round faces. Still, if you don't want your hair constantly falling into your eyes, wispy or asymmetrical bangs that drape to one side can be much more flattering. Team this type of fringe with an inverted bob for a playful, vintage vibe.

Tight Ringlet Curls

Curly-haired women of size have texture in abundance. If your curls are tight, it's better to wear them on the longer side because the natural tendency of curls to shrink will make your hair seem shorter than it really is. Natural curls are straightforward to style and just need a touch of smoothing hair product to control frizz and eliminate flyaways -- and then you're good to go!

Vintage Flicks

If you prefer a more traditional aesthetic, why not opt for a shorter hairstyle with 50s-style flicks on the ends? To get the look, request that your stylist cuts your hair to chin length and then incorporates a deep side parting. In terms of styling, you can construct the flicks by holding a straightening iron on your ends and flicking them upwards in one smooth motion. Tres chic!

Loose Beach Waves

A stunning style for everyday affairs where you want to look and feel like a mermaid, loose beach waves distract focus away from the face if they're big and texturized. Significant length is imperative to develop this aesthetic, as well as the inclusion of volumizing sea salt spray. Simply shampoo your hair as normal, towel dry your tresses, apply the spray all over your head, and leave it to dry naturally. Voila! You have now successfully achieved mermaid status.

Short Pixie Cut

It's so important to select a look that softly frames your face as a plus size woman. A good hairstyle that adds height while also slimming the face is anyone with close-fitting sides and a higher crown, like the pixie cut. Super low-maintenance and straightforward to style, the pixie cut isn't for the faint-hearted but will undeniably turn heads if you have the confidence to rock it.

Chic Bouffant Up Do

If you're searching for a hairstyle for a special occasion like a wedding or your colleague's leaving party, then look no further! The bouffant updo is just as bold as it is elegant. It effectively frames curvy faces while balancing out the round lines using volume at the crown. The only downside to this hairdo is that it's rather difficult to build yourself, so be sure to enlist the help of a haircare professional or a loved one with hair expertise.

Accessorize Your Plus Size Hairstyle

While there are general rules about what plus size women should or shouldn't do when it comes to dressing and hairstyles, sometimes rules are meant to be broken. It's more important to find a style that suits you, in terms of your face shape and personal style and fits in with your lifestyle. If you're lacking in confidence, you can always distract attention away from your silhouette by incorporating eye-catching accessories in the form of hats, pins, or headbands. Either way, rock your hairstyle with a smile and you're guaranteed to be the most beautiful woman in the room.

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