Interview with Moshe Laniado of Swimsuits For All

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This maillot slims and flatters your mid-section.

Moshe Laniado learned at a young age what it was like to work in the fashion industry. Coming from a family that flourished in the resort wear business, he knew how hard it was for ladies to find the perfect swimsuit -- not just for those who wear miss or junior sizes, but gals who wear plus size swimsuits, too. In 2004, Moshe and his family soon realized that brick-and-mortar stores weren't the only way to reach customers and branched out to the Internet. That's when Swimsuits For All was born.

Plus Size Swimwear Tips from Moshe Laniado

Laniado, now president of the company, recently took some time out of his busy schedule to chat with LoveToKnow about and shopping for plus size swim wear.

What to Look for When Shopping

LoveToKnow (LTK): When a plus size woman goes out shopping for a swimsuit, what should she look for?

Moshe Laniado (ML): She should look for anything that makes her feel great! A soft cup bra and tummy panel construction offer additional confidence that the suit is supporting her properly. She'll be free to go out and have fun.

LTK: What suits should she avoid?

ML: She should avoid anything that's uncomfortable or makes her feel less than beautiful. I'd recommend avoiding swimsuits without inner construction. The additional security and support helps the customer get a great fit.

LTK: Are there one or two styles that work best on a plus size lady?

ML: That's hard to say, because as in missy sizes, plus-sized women come in all different shapes. Luckily the swimwear industry has responded to the customers screams for more fashionable swimsuits, and offer a much greater selection of silhouettes and patterns than they did just a few years ago. It used to be that she was only offered matronly options, now she has tankinis, maillots and more to choose from.

LTK: What are the different styles of swimsuit available for full-figured women?

ML: Thankfully her options are almost endless. Our most popular styles in plus sized swim are updated swimdresses, halter tankinis that can be paired with skirts, shorts or briefs, and maillots (one piece tanks) that have cross-body shirring or draping.

Focusing on Swimwear


LTK: Tell me about the "Fit & Flatter Solutions."

ML: "Our Fit & Flatter Solutions services assist our customers in finding the perfect fitting swim suit. Through personal communication with our Fit & Flatter Solutions specialists or through guided and interactive content on our website, we help our customers find a swimsuit that meets their correct measurements, fit concerns, body types, and favorite swimwear styles. The goal of this service is to make sure every customer is 100 percent satisfied with their purchase, and are comfortable to shop online for a swimsuit with us again. If a customer requests our "Fit & Flatter Solutions" we provide free round-trip shipping until she finds the right swimsuit.

LTK: Why swimsuits? Why not focus on other areas of fashion?

ML: The hardest purchase for women has always been swimwear. There's only a yard or so of fabric between them and the world and it can be daunting to find one that fits, flatters and they find attractive. With my family business being resort wear, I saw a need in the market for a swim company that offers this high level of fit-related customer service."

LTK: Can women only purchase your swimsuits online? Or can they shop locally for a suit sold on your website?

ML: Women can only purchase our swimsuits online. However, they can visit Swimsuit Station's Outlet store in Ocean, New Jersey, for a similar selection. Swimsuit Station is a swimwear wholesaler (my mom!) who provided with the first inventory to start our business. She carries similar styles to us at amazingly affordable prices.

More About Swimsuits For All

black swimdress

Originally catering to average size women, also carries a large variety of plus size swimsuits up to size 34W. Not just traditional pieces either. This company carries a range of styles including:

  • Skirtinis
  • Shortinis
  • Tankinis
  • Blousons
  • Maillots
  • Post-mastectomy
  • Underwire
  • Boyleg bottoms
  • Separates so you can mix and match

Laniado explains in his own words more about what the company offers: "Our website offers the largest selection of swimwear for women sizes eight and up. It is extremely difficult for full-figured women to shop in stores, especially for swimwear. We offer swimwear from top brands at significantly reduced prices. We are proud to say that we have the most affordable selection of full-figured swimwear online. We carry the largest selection of Longitude and Delta Burke swimwear online and in stores. We also carry swimwear for women who attend water aerobics classes (chlorine resistant, suits to support your body while exercising)."

For More Information

You can contact the company by:

  • Online:
  • Customer service: (888) 241-SWIM (7946)
  • E-mail:
  • Address:, The Mattern Building, 7406 Rt. 487, PO Box 368, Mildred, PA 18632

Swimwear retailers that cater to fuller figures allow plus sized women to find truly flattering swimwear they can enjoy wearing. Select a style that makes you feel your best.

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Interview with Moshe Laniado of Swimsuits For All