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While there are a lot stores online that cater to plus size women, only a select few really know how to dress them in the correct size and style of clothing. OneStopPlus is one of those Internet retailers. Since October 2006, this "fashion mall" has carried a variety of name brand clothing in plus sizes. Jessica London, Comfort Choice and Chadwick's Woman are just a few of the designers you will find here. Nancy LeWinter, OneStopPlus' editorial director since the site's inception in October 2006, took some time from her busy schedule to talk with LoveToKnow Plus Size about this online retailer, as well as the plus size fashion industry in general.

Online Plus Size Shopping

LoveToKnow (LTK): Are websites such as OneStopPlus needed into today's growing world of online shopping?

Nancy LeWinter (NL): Absolutely. The online experience is far more valuable when everything is in one place. It's about selection, convenience, and satisfaction. is the only site that offers all three, which is why we have become both the definition of, and destination for, fashionable plus size women.

LTK: How is shopping for plus size clothing different than for smaller sizes?

NL: Until, shopping for plus size clothing really was very different than for smaller sizes because plus size women couldn't find the selection available to their thinner counterparts. Now, plus size women don't have to settle…they have all the options, all the styles, and all in their sizes. It's about great fit and great value to make looking great easier.

LTK: Are plus size women are more apt to shop online than in retail stores? Why or why not?

plus size fashions

NL: The plus size departments in most retailers are the smallest fashion departments. So, online shopping is the only way to get an extraordinary selection. For example, we have bras in 200 styles and colors and 70 sizes…that is simply not available in retail stores. Add to that everything from special occasion to swimwear, and online shopping becomes the obvious choice.

LTK: What does OneStopPlus offer plus size women? In other words, why should they shop there?

NL: We offer plus size women an unparalleled selection with over 10,000 items, clothes in every style and every size, bras and lingerie for every woman, shoes in every width, and accessories for every taste. Add to that state-of-the-art technology like shop by brand, size, style and price, and it's clear why has really made shopping a pleasure for plus size women.

LTK: Since many women today are more budget-conscious than ever, does OneStopPlus offer specials or discounts?

NL: Of course, the most important thing to any budget-conscious consumer is value…is what you are buying worth what you are paying? exceeds expectations with quality merchandise at great prices. We respect our consumers and that really shows, with specials and discounts and our new Bra Club and Shoppers Club.

Plus Size Industry Changes

LTK: How have plus size fashions changed in recent years?

plus size fashions

NL: So much has changed. Obviously, the selection is now for every woman and every style. Ten years ago, jeans might have been available in just a few styles and maybe 20 sizes. Today, offers jeans in literally hundreds of styles and colors, and they come in over 60 sizes. This kind of growth is true in every fashion and accessories category. As important, new fabrics and fit technologies allow clothing that also offers solutions. For example, there's tummy-control jeans, swimwear and bra technology that combines comfort and control, and flexibility in fit that was never available 10 years ago.

LTK: Are there still some hurdles designers need to conquer in the plus size fashion industry?

NL: The real trick in fashion is to both reflect and direct the needs and desires of your consumers. For, we really listen to our consumers, which is why our consumer reviews are so valuable, for both other consumers and our creative team. It's about bringing the best in fashion and also making sure that fashion is the best for our consumers. That's why we're constantly adding new brands and products.

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The face of fashion is changing to reflect women's individual differences. Women can choose online shopping and places that cater to their sizes rather than a one-size-fits all mentality. OneStopPlus encourages feedback from their customers and loves to hear their ideas, so contact them to share your thoughts or visit their website to browse styles. Interview