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Island-Style Plus Size Clothes


Even if you can't get away to a tropical paradise, wearing the right island-style plus size clothes can still make you feel like you're on vacation. When spring and summer hit, everyone wants to wear clothing that keeps them cool. Why not look pretty while you're at it? You can sport casual, comfortable fashions in bright, cheerful colors all summer long, whether you're actually in the Caribbean or simply wishing you were.

Island Style

When you think of island style clothing, what comes to mind? Some characteristics you probably associate with this type of dress include:

  • Loose and flowing: The tropical island mantra seems to be "no worries" and that extends to all areas, including clothing. Tight, restrictive clothing won't do. Choose airy dresses that flow or shirts that swing away from your body.
  • Comfortable: Comfort is key when island dressing. Cotton is a popular warm weather fabric because it's easy to care for and comfortable to wear. Plus, it's soft against your skin. You'll find many island-style plus size clothes made of cotton for this reason.
  • Bright colors: Pink, blue, yellow, red, orange, green…these are just some of the cheerful colors you'll see on tropical-inspired clothing. Forget basic black or conventional hues. With such lush vegetation and beautiful flowers all over the tropics, it's only natural that the garments would follow suit and be just as bright and colorful.

Sundresses and long, flowing skirts are perfect island attire, as well as Bermuda shorts and Hawaiian shirts. Wear what you feel good in and what looks good on you. The point is to have fun and showcase your personality through your clothes.

Buying Island-Style Plus Size Clothes

Look into these retailers for some of the most cheerful, island-inspired clothing made just for women of size:

  • Big on Batik: Sundresses, smock tops and sarongs are just some of the attire you'll find here, all with a tropical theme.
  • Beanteacher: This online retailer carries a wide selection of Hawaiian style shirts, perfect for men or women.
  • Papaya Sun: You'll find a multitude of tropical styles at this site. Choose from short, mid length or long dresses as well as blouses and Capri sets, all in bright, island colors.

When to Wear It

Naturally, this is clothing you pull out when winter is officially over. Late spring and all summer long are perfect for sporting your island wear. Because the clothes are lightweight, they're made for the hotter months of the year. You don't have to wait for a cruise or vacation to wear your island style clothes; you can make yourself feel like you're on vacation by wearing them whenever you wish.

Island style clothes are casual. They look great with sandals and bare legs. But don't forget the jewelry. Chunky stones in turquoise or coral would accessorize nicely with your tropical clothing, but sterling silver and gold would look equally fabulous. You can sport your island-inspired attire when shopping, running errands or simply relaxing on the beach. These garments are all about ease and taking it easy.

Papaya Sun Style

What pieces best constitute island living? Check out some of these fashions from Papaya Sun and get ready to enjoy your summer in style:

  • Lea Lea Hawaiian Skirt: It's floral, pink, white and green. What better way to say island living? This pretty skirt has an elastic waist, asymmetrical hem and is available in sizes up to 3X.
  • Mauna Kea Hawaiian Blouse: A flattering V-neck and empire waist will make the most of your figure. Sleeveless and flowing, this is the perfect island style top to wear all summer long.
  • Maika'i Dress: Orchids and ferns adorn this long dress. Ruffled accents add to the lush femininity of this tropical style.

Enjoy the Heat

When choosing your summer outfits, add some island style clothing to your closet. The bright colors and easy fit will make you feel beautiful each time you slip into one of these garments. If you're fortunate enough to wear them while vacationing on a tropical island, that's even better: soak up some rays and look like you've lived there all your life in a perfect, floral ensemble.

Island-Style Plus Size Clothes