Plus Size 60s Dresses

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No matter your age, if you love well-tailored garments that are classic and sophisticated, you probably appreciate the care and detail that go into plus size 60s dresses.

60s Style

Depending on which end of the 60s decade you're interested in, your dresses may be simple and chic (think Jackie Kennedy) or vibrant, psychedelic and made of polyester. Fashion changed a lot from the beginning to the end of the decade. Women's styles moved from the prim and proper garments inspired by the young Kennedys in the White House to more free-spirited wear. Women's fashions changed as turbulent changes affected all levels of society.

The type of dress you'll typically find from the 60s or in vintage-inspired reproductions is usually one of several types:

  • Shifts: Simple and cut to flatter different body types, shift dresses work well for plus size women. They're generally cut to follow a woman's curves without clinging to them. These dresses can be more casual and made for wearing at home or running errands; they can also be quite dressy, depending on the fabric used. Cotton is more common for casual day dresses, while elaborate brocade makes the dress suitable for a night out.
  • Belted and full: You'll also find belted dresses that fit close to the upper part of the body and flare out into a full skirt. The skirts of the 60s weren't nearly as wide as 50s versions, but were still good for hiding full hips and thighs.
  • Loose and billowy: As the 60s wore on, dresses became less tailored and looser. They also became much more colorful. While early 60s dresses were usually solid-colored and subtle, late 60s clothing became much more vibrant, fitting into hippie fashions. Plus size women should be careful when wearing allover patterns. You don't want to call attention to problem areas with funky prints. A floor-length caftan can be very flattering if you look for particulars like V-necks, vertical details and subtle patterns.

Finding Plus Size 60s Dresses

For women who want real vintage garments, shop at consignment stores, vintage retailers and auction sites. When shopping online, be sure to read the fine print and look at all pictures of the dress so that you're satisfied when you buy. Sites like Dandelion Vintage give estimates as to the era (if they can't pinpoint the exact year the clothes were made), the condition, measurements and feature full-length and close-up photos to give you an idea of what you'll get.

If you shop at consignment stores and the like, the selection will change often, so it's important to grab a deal when you see it. Shopping in person gives you the opportunity to check for damage, soil and seam strength, so don't buy an item without fully inspecting it first.

Real Vintage or Retro-Inspired

Maybe you're not having any luck finding real vintage clothing in your size. If you simply want to copy a 60s look from time to time, look for shifts, belted dresses and attractive caftans. These pieces aren't always easy to find and you'll have to look for what's hot in fashion to see what trends recall earlier eras. Whether you buy plus size 60s dresses that are real vintage or only vintage-inspired, you'll be one well-dressed modern-day woman.

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Plus Size 60s Dresses