Plus Size Bell Bottom Pants

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If you thought plus size bell bottom pants were a blast from the past never to be seen again, get ready to see what's new with full figured fashion.

The bell bottom pants you'll find today aren't usually as flared as the slacks from the 1970s and while they might not be the "in" item each season, they can find a place in plus-sized women's wardrobes. Today, you're more likely to hear the term "flared bottoms" applied to these pants with the wide legs. The degree of flare differs from style to style, so you can wear a gently flared pair that's not too outrageous or you can wear pants with a very wide flare to the legs. Curvy women are wise to take some things into consideration when choosing these slacks.

Wearing Plus Size Bell Bottom Pants

Follow these tips when wearing flared or bell bottom pants to make the most of your stylish look:

  • Petite women should stick to low flare pants. While straight leg slacks work best for women who stand 5'4 and under, you can get away with a slight flare, but too much bell bottom action will swallow you up.
  • Wear a body-skimming top. Because these slacks are wide at the bottom, you should stick to shirts that aren't as voluminous. This doesn't mean your top should be tight, but in general, avoid roomy shirts. Try trendy tees, wrap shirts or other tops that skim your curves, not hide them.
  • Forget polyester, unless you're going to a 70s party. Fortunately, polyester is hard to find in fashionable clothing these days. You'll probably find a good selection of denim bell bottom or flared pants. When wide-legged slacks are the latest trends, you'll have better luck finding them in other materials as well.
  • Wear high heels. For a long-legged look, wear heels with your flared pants. The hemline should fall past your ankle. This is especially helpful for shorter women.
  • Avoid low-rise pants. High-waisted jeans are a better option for plus size or petite women. They make your legs look leaner and longer, whereas low-rise slacks tend to make legs appear shorter.

Wearing Bell Bottoms for Disco Parties

Say you have an invitation for a disco party. What you wear will differ significantly from what you'd wear to be fashionable today. To jazz up your 1970s getup, try these suggestions:

  • Sparkly tops rule the day. Try shiny sequin tops in your choice of colors. You might have some of these pretty shirts already in your closet.
  • Metallic heels are perfect. Fortunately, metallic heels are always around, especially during the holiday season. Silver, gold, bronze or pewter are great for matching to your disco-theme attire.
  • Don't forget accessories. Long, dangling necklaces and earrings will put the finishing touch on your retro look.

Finding Bell Bottom Pants

You'll be hard-pressed to find anyone advertising plus size bell bottom pants, unless they're selling retro-inspired apparel. Otherwise, the current popular term is "flared." Still, if you want something to wear to a disco theme party, you can check eBay, vintage shops in your area and even your, or a family member's, closet. Bell bottom pants from the disco era will more than likely be made of polyester, not the most comfortable or breathable of fabrics.

If you simply want a pair of modern flared slacks, you can find them at a variety of your favorite plus size retailers, but they'll be more plentiful when the current trends call for wide-legged pants.

The Right Style

Whether you're going for a vintage look or you're all about modern style, bell bottom pants for plus size women can work if you pair them with the right tops and shoes. Once you've done that, you can either be a disco queen or modern day diva - the choice is yours!

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Plus Size Bell Bottom Pants