Black Plus Size Lingerie Boots

Black lingerie boots

Plus size black lingerie boots can add sizzle to your personal garb. While this attire is elusive, finding the right product is well worth the effort.

Finding Plus Size Black Lingerie Boots

Dress boots for large calves are hard enough to find that the prospect of adding sexy boots to your intimate wardrobe may seem nearly impossible. However, some savvy manufacturers are beginning to meet the demand for lingerie clothing for plus size women; this includes gorgeous boots.

Available Options

You can find large size women's fashionable boots that are suitable for a number of occasions, including intimate apparel. Consider your assets and figure type when selecting the boots that work best for your form. Desire4Mo offers excellent examples:

  • Thigh high styles are sexy staples that are true lingerie classics. Some manufacturers offer fuller styles that offer comfort as well as sizzle.
  • Knee high designs are always appealing and they can offer a chic sophistication along with their allure.
  • Ankle high cuts are sensuous accents that draw attention with an approximation of the classic lengths without worry about getting the right fit in the calves or thighs.

Adding Sizzle to Styles

Plus size women's lingerie does not have to be shy by any means and this is apparent in some of the hottest styles of plus size black lingerie boots available today. Qualities to look for in this type of sexy apparel for fuller figures include:

  • Material
  • Heel width and height
  • Embellishments
  • Approximations


One of the first images that come to mind when people think of sexy boots for full figure women is shiny patent leather. The sleek liquid color and shine provides just the right complement to curvaceous legs, making this material perfect for thigh high designs. Sensuousness is all about sensation and some styles offer outstanding quality as well as fun options in materials that are fun to feel. These include soft faux fur, suede and high gloss leather looks.

Heel Widths and Lengths

Part of the fun of wearing lingerie boots is the ability to pull off outrageously high heels in an intimate setting. While the idea of a 5" heel with a 1 ½" platform seems appealing, it may not be ideal for everyone but it is available for fuller figures as well as regular sizes. Thin, spiked heels are intriguing and they can offer a dangerously sensuous look. Some designs feature sharp spikes in metallic finishes while others maintain the black tone inherent in the footwear.

Clear heels are fabulous for a number of reasons. They offer a type of magical charm in their very nature while offering a little shimmer as well. You can find clear heels paired with black boots and in various widths.

Block heels are fantastic options because they provide balance. Chunky shoes can offer more support while offering sexy style all at once. Styles range from playful platforms to fun ankle boots with clear block heels.


While the sleek style of clean black is alluring, you may want to opt for styles that feature embellishments. Details can make all the difference with it comes to jazzing up footwear, making it possible to turn nearly any boot into a luscious addition to your lingerie collection.

  • Lace-up detailing is a popular option that serves a purpose aside from mischievous aesthetics. This feature is wonderful because it can be used to adjust the size on certain styles, allowing for more room if necessary.
  • Shimmering chains and metallic embellishments offer a bit of sparkle that is sure to make a statement.
  • Character accents like playful buttons and colorful additions can turn everyday boots into stunning lingerie accessories.

Shopping Options

Options are surprisingly vast for full figured women looking for lingerie boots. Websites like OneStopPlus have a nice selection. If you can't find anything there, you may want to opt for inexpensive boot cuffs to get the look for less.

Boot Cuffs

Boot cuffs are great options because they are relatively inexpensive and easy to fit. Styles like the black vinyl cut by Chelsea's of New York are cost-effective selections. Other sexy boot cuffs are available at 3 Wishes.

Whether you opt for embellishments, cuffs or the genuine article, plus size black lingerie boots can have a powerful impact on your collection of intimate apparel. .

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Black Plus Size Lingerie Boots