Plus Size Camouflage Lingerie


Plus size camouflage lingerie comes in a wide variety of styles from sexy to casual loungewear. Whether you're looking forward to seducing your lover in a sheer dress and g-string, or you just want something comfy to wear on lazy Sundays, camo lingerie keeps you covered (or uncovered, depending on the style). In some ways, you could think of wearing camo as showing your support for the military.

The Appeal: Tough, Yet Sexy

There's something to be said about a woman in control, a woman who's tough on the outside and sweet on the inside. That's why camouflage lingerie is so sexy. Find it in the form of camouflage print bras and g-strings all the way up to full costumes with hats, thigh highs and more.

You may or may not want to join the military. Chances are, if you're looking at plus size camouflage lingerie, you aren't in the military. You'd get enough of those colors and that pattern at work!

Online Plus Size Camouflage Lingerie

One of the quickest ways to find camouflage lingerie at your fingertips is to browse online, where you have access to almost all the lingerie companies out there. If there's a camo style out there you want, chances are, you'll find it by shopping on the Internet. Here are a few to start you off:

Make Shopping Easy

Plus size lingerie with a camouflage pattern is pretty specific, so you might not be able to find exactly what you want at the mall at any given time. It may be best to try shopping online before you hit the stores on foot to save yourself a great deal of time and energy. Typically, the selection of plus size lingerie in stores is nothing compared to what is available online.


Just because lingerie isn't meant to be worn outside the bedroom, that doesn't mean you should leave the accessories in the closet, the drawer, or wherever else you store your pretty-or naughty-things. It also doesn't mean you should refrain from buying complementary pieces. Here are a few things to consider to spice up your military lingerie:

  • Brands On Sale features some incredibly sensuous boots that are a clever combination of camouflage and heels. Normally, you'll see black leather or patent leather boots to accompany lingerie. These are truly unique.
  • Wearing a hat plays up a sexy smoky eye makeup look, which is also known as bedroom eyes. Get an authentic BDU cap to further your sex appeal when you wear your camo lingerie.

Adding a few select pieces of plus size camouflage lingerie is a terrific way to add a little spice to your intimate apparel wardrobe. It is functional sleepwear that can be easily accessorized to be flirty and fun. Whether you wear it to show your love of military inspired attire or to express your inner attitude, camo lingerie is bound to make a bold style statement.

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Plus Size Camouflage Lingerie