Plus Size Cardigan Pattern

Knit, crochet or sew a plus size cardigan

Whether you enjoy knitting, crocheting or sewing, there is bound to be the perfect plus size cardigan pattern available.

Making your own clothes is the ideal way to create wonderful garments that are not only unique, one-of-a-kind items, but are also made to fit. This can be the perfect alternative to shop bought clothes that are often ill-fitting. Cardigans are an extremely versatile garment and can be suitable attire all year round, perhaps adding an extra layer of warmth in the dark winter days or offering a light cover-up on summer evenings. Making your own cardigan means that you can create a garment that is just right for the occasion or season, and often use the pattern over and over again by simply changing materials or making quick variations.

Find a Plus Size Cardigan Pattern Online

Finding knitting, crochet and sewing plus size cardigan patterns is a lot easier now, thanks to the Internet. It is possible to browse many of the excellent websites and look at the different styles and designs, picking the perfect cardigan pattern from the comfort of an armchair! The Internet has also opened up a whole new world, quite literally, of opportunity. As well as finding patterns by your favorite local designer, now patterns and designs from all over the world can be accessed at the touch of a button. Some patterns, such as knitting and crochet patterns, can be downloaded, meaning that they arrive instantly without you having to wait several days or paying postage.

A great range of patterns for all sorts of items including cardigans, can be found at the following websites:

  • - Popular online knitting magazine with free patterns covering a wide range of sizes.
  • CrochetMe - A site that offers a range of free crochet patterns and other crochet information.
  • Burda Style - Free sewing patterns are found here, plus a useful forum. This is handy for asking questions about making one of the garments or making variations.

Finding Patterns in Magazines

Many of the mainstream knitting, crochet and sewing magazines offer patterns and designs that go to plus size. While the garment may be illustrated on a skinny model, a quick look at the instructions will show what sizes the pattern goes up to. Magazines offer a range of seasonal garments and accessories and these often feature cardigans. You'll occasionally see special features about making items for the plus size figure and covering full figure fashions, and these can be an excellent source of information.

Plus size magazines are also worth taking a look at. These often include craft patterns for items such as cardigans and also offer plenty of hints and tips for how to look great with a fuller figure.

Adapting Patterns for the Plus Size Figure

Sometimes a wonderful pattern is found, but it is only available in small sizes. This can be very annoying and disappointing for the creative plus size lady. It is worth taking a look to see if the pattern can be adapted. It can be very straightforward to adapt simple designs; however, designs with a lot of shaping such as darts or tucks may be more complicated.

Knitting and crochet patterns can sometimes be adapted by changing hook or needle size and using a thicker yarn. It should be noted that this, however, creates a more bulky fabric and this can change the overall look of a garment such as a cardigan.

Garment Designing Software

Garment designing software can be a great tool for plus size ladies. These software packages are simple to use. The user takes a few key body measurements and enters this into the software and customized patterns are created. This is a wonderful way to make cardigans and other garments as an almost limitless supply of variations can be made. By entering your own unique measurements, the cardigan or other garments are going to fit wonderfully and flatter the fuller figure. Garment designer software packages are available for knitting, crochet and sewing. There are many different pattern making software packages available, but more information on two of the most well known can be found at:

  • Wild Ginger - Check out the 'Wild Things' free accessory package. While it does not include cardigans, there are plenty of other interesting items to make and it does give a good idea as to how these software packages work.

Tips for Making Plus Size Cardigans

  • Fine yarns and fabrics will drape well over the fuller figure. This can be flattering to the larger figure.
  • Chunky and bulky yarns might look lovely, but they knit up into a thick fabric. Try knitting or crocheting on a slightly larger hook or needle to create a looser fabric - remember to work a gauge square to check tension.
  • Fabrics such as polar fleece are easy to work with and can be a great way to produce a cardigan quickly and easily.

Making your own unique garment using a plus size cardigan pattern can be extremely rewarding and the perfect way to own a garment that both fits and flatters.

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Plus Size Cardigan Pattern