Plus Size Clothing Chart

Plus Size Clothing Chart

Plus size clothing charts help shoppers find their correct size when buying clothes online. Because you aren't physically able to try the clothes on until they are purchased, a sizing chart allows you to match your measurements up with the sizes that are offered at that store. Don't let the numbers fool you though. Many retailers differ in how they size their clothing, so what you wear in one brand may not be the same size in another. That's why a clothing chart is a useful tool.

Understanding Plus Size Clothing Charts

When ordering online, you'll get to know the different manufacturers and learn how their plus size clothing chart corresponds to your body type. Just like "one size fits all" doesn't really work for everyone, plus size clothing charts may have the exact same information from one manufacturer to another, but the clothing line doesn't always fit the same. It's best not to worry about what number size you wear, and go after the right fit instead. With one company you may have to order a size 18, and another a size 20. If the clothing line isn't geared toward fuller figures, the size can be even larger.

While each plus size clothing site usually provides its own clothing size chart, knowing how to take your exact measurements is very important. Most plus size sizing charts provide useful information on choosing the correct size and how to take proper measurements.

  • The International Clothes Directory provides sizing charts for women to size 10x (United States) as well as for five additional countries. There is also a size conversion chart, instructions on how to take proper bra measurements, a bra sizing chart, a chart with cup sizes for many well-known bra makes to size K and a bra size conversion table. In addition The Clothes Directory offers a sizing chart for hosiery, a shoe sizing chart up to ladies size 17 and a shoe width table.
  • Yes Style provides a sizing reference chart for plus size women. The website also offers a women's apparel size conversion chart that includes sizing from the United States and six additional countries.
  • The measurement guide from Figuresque provides instructions on how to get accurate measurements of your bust, waist and hips. Instructions are also provided on how to measure a top that you already own making it easier for you to understand the dimensions provided on a website.

There are also many online plus size stores that include clothing charts on their individual websites. Examples of these etailers include:

Measuring Yourself

As you study the various plus size clothing charts, don't guess at your size; take your measurements. Many people don't really want to know what their measurements are, but just as many don't want to go through the hassle of sending an article of clothing back because it doesn't fit. If you can, find a close friend to do the measuring for you. It's easier and tends to be more accurate than twisting and turning and trying to measure yourself. Many times, when you measure yourself, your weight is not evenly distributed because you're not in a natural position. This can throw off the measurement and give you a wrong reading, which may lead to purchasing the wrong size.

Instead of going through that, find a friend and get ready to take your measurements. Stand with your weight evenly distributed on both feet. It might help to take off your shoes. As you take your measurements keep these points in mind:

  • Are you wearing the bra you'll most likely wear under the clothing you are purchasing? The bra you wear makes a big difference in the fit of your clothes.
  • When measuring the bust, bring the tape measure over the fullest part of the bustline.
  • Don't pull the tape measure tight or leave it limp. You want your clothes to feel comfortable, not hang.
  • When measuring the waist, don't pull the tape too tight. If you do, that is how your garment will fit. Find the narrowest part of the waist and measure. This is your "natural" waistline.
  • When measuring the hips, bring the tape measure around the fullest part of the hips.
  • Measure your inseam. This takes in the length from your crotch to the floor.

Getting the Perfect Fit

Using an online clothing size chart is an excellent way to help ensure that you receive clothing that fits you properly when ordering online. Knowing your exact measurements is the first step to finding clothes that fit and flatter your body perfectly.

Plus Size Clothing Chart