Plus Size Colored Jeans

plus size colored jeans

They may not be as common as traditional denims, but plus size colored jeans offer women a different take on an otherwise casual look. With so many colors from which to choose, there's a pair for everyone - even those who may not be sure about the idea at all!

Choosing Colored Jeans

Back in the 1980s, colored jeans were all the rage. They were often worn with long, baggy t-shirts and high-top sneakers. For anyone who loved the look back during the era of excess, there's good news: Colored jeans have made quite a comeback.

Today, though, there's a distinct difference in both the jeans themselves and the styling possibilities. In order to really pull off colored jeans with success, it's imperative that they're paired with the right pieces. In other words, the baggy shirts from yesteryear are off limits - unless you want to emulate an 1980s-inspired look for a specific reason.

Otherwise, colored jeans now reign supreme in a different sort of way. Though they're available in just about every hue imaginable, smart styling etiquette states that women should choose their colors of choice wisely. Teenagers and young women may feel comfortable in bright or pastel shades, but older women look most polished in darker colors. Not only do they lend women a pulled together appearance, they can also flatter her figure nicely and even create the illusion of a slimmer silhouette. The trick, of course, is to style those jeans right.

Shopping for Plus Size Colored Jeans

If you've decided to step outside of your comfort zone, pay homage to one of your favorite old looks or just experiment a bit, you can rest assured that you won't have to sacrifice your personal style in order to pull off colored jeans. Adhering to a few helpful tips will ensure that your experience is positive - and fashionable!

  • In general, opt for flared or boot cut jeans. These styles flatter plus size figures nicely, because they balance out the lower half of the body instead of falling in a straight or tapered line.
  • Ease into the look slowly, especially if you're unsure if it will work out for you. Try a different shade of blue or a rich green instead of your usual blues.
  • If bright colors don't work for you, stick with rich, warm tones that mirror the appearance of a pair of smart trousers. Red, eggplant and chocolate brown are all great choices that pair well with crisp white blouses, sweaters and more.
  • If you do happen to love bright shades, though, don't avoid them altogether. Just opt for a more muted version of the shade you like; for example, choose mustard in lieu of yellow or pumpkin in lieu of day-glow orange.

Styling Options

When it comes to styling plus size colored jeans, the sky is the limit! Plus size fashions have advanced tremendously over the years, and today there are plenty of figure-flattering pieces that allow women to make the most of their figures in the most stylish manner possible:

  • Achieve the ideal casual-meets-polished look by pairing your colored jeans with a long, lean boyfriend blazer and a simple, solid camisole underneath.
  • Pair your bright jeans with neutral tops, and vice versa. If you're wearing chocolate-colored jeans, try a multicolored, girly, floral blouse on top to add a touch of sweetness to the look. If you're sporting a pair of eye-catching red jeans, balance it out with a long, chic tunic in a neutral tone.
  • Choosing the right shoe is important, too. Try a wedge heel to add a few inches to your frame. If you aren't fond of heels, try embellished flats with a neutral colored jean - they will balance out your entire look nicely.
  • If you do prefer to wear skinny jeans, pair them with a long top. Keep it simple by choosing a hip-length tunic, or dress up your look with a long boyfriend cardigan and slinky tank top underneath. Add a belt at the waist for a truly fashion-forward approach.

Where to Purchase

You'll find colored plus size jeans at a variety of retailers, but bear in mind that you may have to do some serious searching if you're looking for an unusual color (like bright pink or purple, for example):

  • Avenue carries an outstanding selection of classic jeans in multiple colors. They're available from sizes 12 to 32 and come in regular, petite and tall cuts. Choose from a range of shades, including turquoise, green, lemon, dark orange, watermelon and more.
  • Not Your Daughter's Jeans caters to women of all sizes. The company's collection of colored jeans is available up to size 24. Colors include hunter green, chocolate, grape, navy and black.
  • Talbots is known for its classic clothing, but occasionally a few trend-driven pieces make their way into the fold. The company's ankle-length colored jeans are available in a wide range of shades, from lime green and rose pink to beige and teal, and are available up to size 20.
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Plus Size Colored Jeans