Plus Size Concert Shirts

Plus size concert t-shirt

Whether you are the most die-hard music fan or just a casual music lover, chances are at least one plus size concert shirt can be found in your closet. If not, never fear, because these shirt styles have become something of a trend in mainstream fashion, even if you've never been to an actual concert.

Finding Cool Shirts in Your Size

Here are some really cool plus size concert shirt styles. The great thing about these is that they are always in season --- they are completely fabulous any time of the year!

  • Hot Topic has a great selection of concert shirts in plus sizes including a t-shirt of the Bob Marley One Love Peace Concert of 1978 in men's sizes to 3X, a Kiss In Concert Slim-Fit T-Shirt in men's sizes to 3X and a Johnny Cash Fairgrounds Concert T-Shirt in men's sizes to 4X.
  • At Star 500 Music Merchandise you will find dozens of concert shirts such as the Scorpions (Metallic Scorpion) 2010 Tour in sizes to 3X, the Grateful Dead Boston Garden Concert in sizes to 2X, Jerry Lee Lewis in Concert in sizes to 2X and the Iron Maiden World Tour 1981 in sizes to 2X. The company has an extensive selection of concert shirts and advertises that if they do not have the shirt you are looking for just contact them.
  • Live Nation Merchandise offers concert shirts from hundreds of entertainers including the KISS 2011 Lost Cities Tour T-shirt, a Lynyrd Skynyrd 2011 God and Guns Tour tee and a 2010 ZZ Top Tour shirt. Most of the shirts offered by Live Merchandise Nation are available in sizes to XXL.
  • If you are looking for a red vintage styled T-shirt of the 1964 Beatles American Tour or the famous large tongue design classic rock concert shirt of the 1978 Rolling Stones US Tour, look no further than T-Shirt Monkey. This site carries hundreds of concert tees many in sizes to XXL.
  • Acid Merchandise carries most concert shirts in sizes to XL and also has a large selection in sizes to 3X. Several of their concert shirt selections are the Van Halen World Tour, the Carcass Symphonies Sickness Tour and the Kelly Clarkson Hazel Eyes Tour.

If you have no other reason to attend shows than to see your favorite musicians, remember, it is perfectly okay to do it for the fashion alone! You will always find a great selection of concert shirts at the venue itself.

How To Wear Plus Size Concert Shirts

Undoubtedly, concert shirts are meant to worn with an outfit that is both funky and edgy. It is therefore safe to assume you won't be wearing your Fall Out Boy tee to work (unless you work in an extremely relaxed environment). Accordingly, you can feel free to be creative with fashion when putting together an outfit around a concert shirt.

For example, if you've got a fabulous Jay-Z concert tee, try mixing it with a pair of plus size skinny jeans, the latest colorful Converse sneakers, a hooded jacket and diamond-studded newsboy cap. If you want to dress it up some, pair a bold, black and white concert tee with a blazer, Western plus-size jeans and a pair of chunky, black motorcycle boots. Be sure to accessorize with lots of color. The possibilities are endless because you are not bound by professional dress codes, so don't be afraid to try something new.

Show Off Your Favorite Bands

Wearing a concert shirt is a great way to show those around you how much you enjoy your favorite band or musical artist. Whether you attended the concert or not, there is no question that concert shirts are fun to wear.

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Plus Size Concert Shirts