Plus Size Convertible Pants

Convertible Cargo Pants

Plus size convertible pants transform from long pants to shorts and deliver both convenience and flexibility to your wardrobe.

Perfect for Outdoor Activities

On those days when you're away from home and the weather starts out on the cool side but warms by mid-afternoon, convertible pants make the perfect choice for both comfort and practicality. That's why many people find them ideal for outdoor activities, because they adjust to your outdoor environment as the weather fluctuates. For example, if you start out on a hike in the cool of the morning, you can be comfortable wearing long pants, and when the temperatures climb toward the afternoon, you can convert your long pants to shorts without missing a beat. In fact, for longer hikes in the backcountry, many hikers think these lightweight pants to be part of their necessary gear. Easy to carry in your backpack, they provide options no matter what the weather.

Convertible pants created for the active plus size woman are lightweight and durable, and often are made from fabrics like nylon that can take the abuse of walking bushwhack trails in the backcountry but are light enough to wear for a walk on the beach.

For outdoor activities that require you to be outside for a lengthy amount of time, convertible pants make an ideal choice to protect you from too much sun, chilly winds, and convert to shorts when needed. They make a popular choice for individuals who enjoy:

  • Hiking
  • Biking
  • Boating
  • Camping
  • Fishing
  • Walking the beach

The Downside of Convertible Pants

Zippers and snaps are the most common design feature used to manufacture the convertible seams that attach the legs of convertible pants to the rest of the garment. While this allows the pants to transform from long to short, the problem is that not everyone wants to have zippers at their knees. Even though fashion designers try their best to make the pants look good, when you're wearing them you're not going to win a "best dressed" contest. In fact, many people have labeled them with terms like dorky or complain that they make those who wear them look like tourists.

If you're thinking of wearing them when you travel by plane, for the sake of convenience, if you care what others think, you might want to consider the fashion statement you'll make when you reach your destination. However, if that doesn't really matter to you, and you're more the practical type than one who worries about what is fashionable, then convertible pants might be the perfect travel wear choice for you. In fact, convertible pants are often referred to as travel pants, and more and more people are choosing to wear them when they travel.

Other Popular Design Features

Cargo pants
Plus size convertible cargo pants

With the popularity of convertible pants on the rise, designers have come up with more flattering fits and fashion details that far exceed elastic waistbands and zippers. Today's convertible plus size pants are still roomy but are designed with a little more fashion and style in mind. Look for features like:

  • Fly zipper
  • Adjustable belt
  • Cargo pockets
  • Cell phone pockets

Where to Find Plus Size Convertible Pants

If you're a plus size woman in the market for a pair of convertible pants, they aren't as easy to find as you may think. However, they are available at the following brick and mortar stores.

Online Stores

If you can't find the pants you want at a store near you or you just prefer to shop from the convenience of your home, you can find a number of outlets that carry plus size convertible pants through online retailers. Here are a few of them:

Convertible pants are a great asset for the active plus size woman's wardrobe. They'll keep the chilly morning air at bay and when the sun rises to full strength, you can easily unzip the legs and enjoy the comfort of shorts.

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