Plus Size Corsets

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Whether you love the look of sensual satin, smooth leather or sexy lace, the many figure flattering styles of plus size corsets are perfect for a night on the town or an evening of fantasy fun.

Corsets: Past and Present

For hundreds of years ladies' corsets were worn as functional clothing items. Their purpose was to hold a woman's torso firmly in place while cinching the waist, enhancing the bosom and providing good posture.

Today, many plus size women wear corsets to enhance their figure, giving them a more shapely hourglass appearance. Generally, corsets make waists appear smaller, accentuate the curves of the hips and boost the bust area resulting in flattering curves and sexy silhouettes.

These plus size sexy intimate lingerie items are also popular to wear for a steamy evening of fantasy fun with your special someone. Many corset styles, ranging from sizzling hot to ultimately romantic, have matching accessories that come with the corset or can be purchased separately. Some of the more popular accessories include:

  • Garter belts
  • Stockings
  • Garters
  • G strings
  • Thongs
  • Ruffled panties
  • Tear drop petticoat
  • Lace top stay up stockings
  • Opera length gloves

Plus Size Corset Styles

Corsets for plus size women are made in styles that flatter the fuller figure.

Underbust or Overbust

There are two basic categories of corsets with different styles in each one. The two categories are an underbust corset and an overbust one. A variation of either of these styles is the longline corset. This style corset extends down over the hips.

An underbust corset will rise up on the woman's torso to any point from the bottom of the ribs to just below the breasts. These types of corsets cinch the waist but generally do not provide very much, if any, support for the bust.

An overbust corset covers, or partially covers, the breast area providing support and enhancement while cinching in the waist.

Basic Corset Shapes

  • An hourglass shape corset provides coverage that gives a balanced appearance above and below the waist. On this corset style the waist area is cinched but appears rounded giving a very curvy, smooth look.
  • A corset that is Edwardian in style is often a better choice for plus size women that have a lower waist. This style, sometimes referred to as a straight front corset, has a triangular shape that is wider at the bust and drops to a smaller waist and rounded hip area.
  • A wasp waist corset is generally the better choice for those with a high waist. This style has more angular lines.

Popular Corset Styles

  • One of the most popular corset styles are lace-ups. Laces can be located in the front, back or on the sides and are often bi-directional. Many have a privacy panel that can appear under the laces or folded back for a more revealing style.
  • Although many corset styles are strapless, designs that have permanent or removable straps are also a popular choice.
  • Garters are often attached to corsets and many are removable.
  • Another popular style are corsets with open designs, such as an open heart back.

Wearing Your Corset Out on the Town

With their beautiful designs and fabrics, modern day corsets do not always have to be hidden under clothes. Many of these beautiful garments look stunning paired with a great pair of jeans, a long velvet skirt or dress pants. Take a look at these beautiful possibilities:

  • A lovely satin brocade corset in an Edwardian style that laces up the back could be paired with jeans for a night out.
  • Wear this great-looking lined leather overbust corset with 14 steel bones, a front zipper and back lacing with your favorite leather skirt or pants available from Shaper Corset in sizes to 56.

Where to Find Corsets in Plus Sizes

  • Hips and Curves carries sizes to 6x
  • Shaper Corset carries a large variety of corsets in many styles and materials in sizes to 56
  • Big Gals Lingerie has a nice selection of corsets in sizes to size 52, including a number of leather and PVC corsets in sizes to 3x

With the beautiful and stylish array of plus size corsets available, there is sure to be one, or several, that would make perfect additions to your wardrobe.

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