Plus Size Cruise Wear

Cruise Wear

Whenever you are going on a cruise, it is important to pack a selection of plus size cruise wear so you can stay comfortable, stylish, and appropriate for all activities on board and ashore.

Choosing Plus Size Cruise Wear

The appropriate cruise wear ensembles depend on the location to where you are traveling. Are you going to the Caribbean or perhaps Alaska? You'll need a whole different selection of clothing for each of these options.

Collect information from your travel agent or the cruise line regarding your itinerary of activities. This will often indicate dress codes and style of dresses that you should bring. For instance, a formal dinner may require a long evening gown or dress.

Suggested Outfits

For plus size women, the most important features of clothing include fashion, support and comfort. Be comfortable in light and flowy caftans, which are perfect as cover-ups. Loose, breathable tops and maxi dresses are ideal for lounging on the deck or relaxing by the pool.Avoid wearing tight white pants, which are customarily popular cruise wear. They will only accentuate bulges in the abdomen, legs, and thighs. Always buy the right size of pants or jeans to avoid muffin tops. Also avoid tucking your blouses inside your pants; the casual look of a cruise is ideal for avoiding this occasionally unflattering look.

You can accentuate your cleavage to draw attention away from your midsection. Likewise, you can avoid bikinis or cut-out swimwear by choosing stylish one-piece swimsuit that shapes the body and gives you the support you need.

Don't be afraid of color. If you're cruising to an island, you should consider a tropical look. Try pinks, yellows, oranges, and blues. Feel bright and sunny with your colorful clothing.

Shopping for Cruise Wear

Shopping for your plus size cruise wear essentials need not be a daunting task. By browsing the web, you can easily find stylish and functional pieces that will make your trip a fun and unforgettable one:

  • Big on Batik lets you browse through catalogs of plus size swimwear, formal wear, lounge wear and swimwear. Shop for sundresses, smock tops and sarongs, all with a tropical theme.
  • Bean Teacher carries a wide variety of Hawaiian style shirts, dresses, and "Aloha wear" for women.
  • You can find many tropical styles at PapayaSun. Select from short, mid-length or long dresses as well as capri sets or blouses, all sporting an island vibe.
  • At Astarte Woman, you can browse through their catalogs for plus size cruise gear and swimsuits.
  • Swimsuits for All takes inspiration from the sun, sand, and sea. They offer plus size swimwear, plus size swimsuits, women's swimsuits, and accessories for shapely women sizes eight and up. Swimsuits for All sells quality swimsuits that will fit all body types, styles, and budget, while flattering your figure.
  • Swimsuits Just for Us sells plus size swimsuit styles that include two-piece women's swimwear, shorts, and halter style tops. Swimsuits Just for Us provides you with fashionable, high-quality plus size women's swimwear perfect for your figure.

Going on Your Cruise

Make sure you look comfortable, stylish and summery on your cruise. The best plus size clothing for cruises will help you relax and enjoy your vacation while also looking gorgeous out at sea.

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Plus Size Cruise Wear