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James Twiggy Z Dark Indigo
James Twiggy Z Dark Indigo

High quality, plus size designer jeans that actually fit full, curvy figures like a dream are no longer the misnomer they once were. Today, more and more big name designers recognize that women come in all shapes and sizes, and the demand for jeans in extended sizes is greater than ever. Fortunately, supply and availability are keeping up with demand!

Plus Size Designer Denim Labels

Well-known designers are taking note of the need for designer denim in the plus size category. Several of them are producing high quality denim that are worth the investment of the designer price tag and will last you years to come! Options include:

James Jeans

James Jeans has become highly popular over the years and prides itself on being known for creating denim with a unique fit that hugs your body and flatters your curves. Their plus size department is known as 'curvy plus', so keep that in mind when shopping their collections. This denim company aims to create denim that their customers will love, that will love them back.

  • This label offers designer denim in various colors, styles, and fits ranging from light to dark washes and skinny to boyfriend fits. But, even the boyfriend fit it on the snugger side.
  • They really focus on embellishment through zippers, mixing fabrics, leather, and different patch-working.
  • They are known for a form fitting silhousette, so be mindful when choosing sizes.

Purchasing: Their plus sizing goes from 12W-26W with a price range of $160-$194. You can find their denim through and Bloomingdale's.

Lauren by Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren has become a household name. The designer's clothing is very high quality and exceptional in every way imaginable. The Lauren by Ralph Lauren label is part of the Ralph Lauren collection, but is for their casual, more basic pieces - including denim. The label's plus size options are referred to as Lauren Woman.

  • They focus on sleek silhouettes and an overall distinguished look.
  • Their denim is typically a mix of cotton and spandex to give it a little stretch, making their jeans feel buttery against your skin.
  • The Lauren by Ralph Lauren label is well known for offering a wide range of skinny denim in the plus size category that are so well-fitting that you will never steer away from this trend again!
  • They have many other silhouettes to choose from if skinny isn't your thing.
  • One thing to keep in mind when purchasing from the Lauren by Ralph Lauren designer denim collection is that their pieces tend to run a bit on the long side, so you may end up needing to take them to your local tailor.

Purchasing: You can purchase their collections easily from their main website for Ralph Lauren, as well as Bloomingdale's or Macy's. You will find them in sizes 14-22, and they vary in price from $75-$135 depending on the style you choose.


After exploding in popularity, the Not Your Daughter's Jeans company shortened its name to NYDJ. They are known as the "original slimming fit" in denim and have recently expanded to all different types of clothing including dresses. They produce denim that is on trend every season, but the fit is definitely not something that your daughter would wear - they are made for a much more mature silhouette.

  • NYDJ uses their Lift Tuck Technology® that helps to control your figure and helps you feel amazing.
  • Some of the styles that they offer come with extra tummy control, which brings extra slimming power!
  • Their denim is extremely comfortable and flattering.
  • If you are in between sizes, it is recommended to go one size down, as they run a little bit on the bigger side.

Purchasing: Plus size jeans from NYDJ come in sizes 14W-24W and a price range of $65-124. You can easily purchase their denim collection through or Macy's.

MICHAEL Michael Kors

Michael Kors is another absolutely huge name in the fashion industry! Just like Ralph Lauren, this designer has created a sub-category called MICHAEL Michael Kors for casual pieces, including denim. Their collections definitely appeal to the fashionista, as they keep their denim current and trendy each season, with an outstanding selection of plus size styles.

  • MICHAEL Michael Kors offers a great selection of denim leggings, but also hone in on trends such as boot cut, wide leg - and even white denim.
  • Plus size jeans from this designer come in a wide array of washes to meet any preference.
  • With this designer, it is advised to focus on the name of the silhouette whenever you are trying to get the perfect fit.
    • For instance, when choosing a boyfriend fit, remember that it is a more relaxed look and you may need to order a size down.
    • Alternately, for their skinny styles or denim leggings, you would want to aim for a size up.

Purchasing: The size range is 14W-24W and the price range is from $70-$135. These can be purchased at Bloomingdale's and Macy's.

Eileen Fisher

Eileen Fisher is particularly well known for attention to detail and embellishment in the plus size department, where many designers seem to steer away, and this is evident in the line's plus size denim options. As an added bonus, in addition to being beyond stylish, this designer's jeans are made in the USA and are fair trade. The company advocates being green and focus on human rights issues.

  • In addition to curating collections around the basic dark, light, and white washes, Eileen Fisher's plus size denim selection also includes coated denim and trends such as moto pants and jeggings.
  • Overall, plus size jeans in this line run very true to size and are complimentary to a curvy woman's figure.

Purchasing: These designer jeans come in sizes 14-26 and are a little bit more expensive than some other designer labels, with a price range of up to $198 per pair. They can be found at Bloomingdale's, Nordstrom in all sizes, and sizes 14-18 can be found at the Eileen Fisher website.

Reasons to Buy Designer Denim

Designer jeans are considerably more expensive than the jeans you find at mall stores. They can be worth it though, especially when you take into consideration all of the attractive features that come with a pair of plus size designer denim:

  • Quality craftsmanship: The attention to detail that goes into making a pair of designer jeans is almost second to none. Washing techniques, which often take hours to accomplish, are typically done by hand. A higher quantity of stitches is used per inch of denim, and as such they may take a longer time to sew. The result is a sturdier pair of jeans. As difficult as it can be to find jeans that flatter your curves, investing in well-made options designed to last (in addition to looking great!) is a good idea.
  • Improved fit: Better craftsmanship usually equates to better fit, which is of particular importance to plus size women. Properly fitting jeans designed with your curves in mind not only look better on you, they also provide outstanding comfort. Look for contoured waistbands, which help eliminate the dreaded 'back gap' so common with denim.
  • Visual details: Visual details are not exclusive to high-end jeans, but it's a good idea to look for them to make the most of your figure. Plus size women may prefer a dropped yoke at the back to minimize the appearance of a full bottom. For a full tummy, look for a wide waistband with a double button closure. This will provide a little more room and a little higher rise, perfect for concealing a flabby stomach!

Finding Additional Options

In addition to these brands, you may find it helpful to visit the specialty plus size sections at department stores like Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue. Stores like these cater to shoppers who prefer high-end merchandise. In the end, though, remember that the most essential details of any pair of jeans are proper fit and a flattering cut. You'll look great whether your jeans are designer or not!

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