Finding 3X Plus Size Dress Forms

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If you sew your own clothing, a dress form is an essential tool that will make your life easier and ensure a great fit. However, finding plus size dress forms in size 3X can be a bit of a challenge. Fortunately, there are a few great options out there.

Options for 3X Dress Forms

Dress forms are adjustable, but they have a limited range. Actual sizing of 3X clothing may vary slightly by the sewing pattern you're using, but in general, you'll need a form that accommodates a bust of between 50 and 53 inches, a waist of between 45 and 47 inches, and hips of between 54 and 57 inches. There are a couple of good choices for this size range.

Dritz Twin-Fit Full-Figure Dress Form

The Dritz Twin-Fit Dress Form, which is available on Amazon, is a great choice for making or altering women's 3X clothing. It adjusts to fit up to a 54-inch bust, 47-inch waist, and 57-inch hips, so it works perfectly for this size. It includes a sturdy adjustable frame and a hem gage, and it's covered in a quality, pin-able gray velour fabric. You can adjust the size using dials. This form retails for about $160.

Reviewers on Amazon praise the easy assembly and simple adjustment of this model, as well as the extended size range. They also recommend it as a good value for the price.

PGM Plus 612XL Women's Full-Body Form

The PGM Plus 612XL Women's Full-Body Dress Form from SewVacDirect comes in sizes 24 and 26, which correspond to a size 3X. This is a professional quality form with stainless steel components and a pinable linen cover. Because it also has legs, you'll find it easier to use for making pants and shorts than the other form. However, this form is not adjustable, so you'll need to stick with one size at all times. It retails for about $700.

There are no published consumer reviews for this form, but SewVacDirect has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau since 2002 and has a rating of A+.

More Ways to Find for 3X Dress Forms

Since it's not always easy to find dress forms in a 3X, you may have to get a little creative. Fortunately, these ideas can help.

Do It Yourself

If you can't find the perfect dress form out there, try making your own. It's actually easier than you might expect. All you need is a long shirt or knit dress, some knit fabric, two rolls of duct tape, scissors, and stuffing material.

  1. Put on the knit dress or shirt, making sure it reaches to just below your hips.
  2. Have a helper begin wrapping the duct tape around you, starting at the bottom hem of the shirt or dress.
  3. Continue wrapping all the way up over the hips and waist. Wrap carefully at the bust to preserve the shape. Wrap up over the shoulders.
  4. Place knit fabric around your neck to protect your skin. Continue wrapping up to the neck.
  5. Repeat the wrapping process with two or three more layers of duct tape.
  6. Carefully cut the form open at the back.
  7. Repair the cut area with more tape.
  8. Stuff the form with old fabric, fiberfill, or batting.

Find Auctions

Another option for finding plus size dress forms 3X in size is to visit auction houses or shop on eBay. Of course, selections there change rapidly, so it's worth checking back often if you don't find what you need right away.

Save Time and Get Professional Results

Whether you purchase a 3X dress form from an online retailer or if you create your own form to fit your dimensions, you'll find that this tool is very important for getting the right fit for your clothing. Using a form will save you time and help you get professional sewing results.

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