Plus Size Equestrian Clothing

Equestrian Clothing

Why not look fashionable while wearing plus size equestrian clothing? Equestrian clothing can be stylish, durable and is available in a wide range of styles and colors.

All About Equestrian Clothing

Horseback riding is a sport that can be enjoyed by women of all ages and sizes. There are two styles of riding: English and Western. In order to be prepared to ride, you will need a basic riding ensemble consisting of boots, pants, shirt and a jacket.

Riding Boots and Pants

Riding boots protect the lower leg and support the ankle. Be sure that your boots are comfortable and large enough in the calf area so they do not cut into your leg and cause pinching or pain while riding. You will also want a boot that provides you with support in the ankle area.

If you are riding English style, then you need to make sure that your riding pants are stretchy enough so that you will be able to lift your leg up to the stirrup without cutting into you behind the knee. Pants will often have knee patches of suede to give you added security and protection from getting pinched in the stirrups. English riding pants are available in two basic styles:

  • Breeches are form-fitting and come to just below the calf and are commonly worn with tall boots.
  • Jodhpurs come to the ankle and are designed to wear with short boots. They are preferred for younger riders who grow out of their boots quickly but are also worn by adults.

Equestrian Shirts and Jackets

Equestrian shirts come in a variety of styles from tailored cotton show shirts to shirts made from a Lycra blend that will stretch and be comfortable when riding. Another piece of clothing you will want to look into is a riding jacket. Often worn for shows, a jacket completes your look and will make you appear polished and ready for your ride. It also adds another layer for warmth.


Riding clothing can be made from a variety of materials. The least expensive is a polyester/spandex blend. It is also the easiest to care for since it is machine washable. The other common blend is cotton/spandex. Cotton mixes are less durable and are more likely to fray and tear. Cotton pants also tend to wear through the crotch and inner thighs more quickly than other fabrics and blends. Micro-fibers with an all-way stretch will not restrict your knees or hips and are also very durable and comfortable. They are becoming one of the most popular materials for riding pants. Choose a top in a material that will breathe easily and feel comfortable against your skin. Cotton is a good choice for a shirt.

Where to Purchase Plus Size Equestrian Clothing

When you are a woman of size, it isn't always easy to find clothing for your favorite sport or past time in your correct size. This can be frustrating and can take a lot of time unless you know where to look. Your local equestrian shop may be able to special order your riding apparel in a plus size or you can check out the following online sites that offer plus size equestrian clothing:

  • Smooth Stride offers breeches in sizes 28-44. Be aware that there is an added cost for plus sizes since they cost more to make.
  • Equestrian Collections sells the Irideon Ladies Plus Size Isla Polo. This riding shirt is specifically designed to withstand hot and humid conditions since it is made from a lightweight, breathable fabric that stays wrinkle free and keeps you cool. The vertical pinstripe texture will flatter your shape. It is available up to a size 3X.

Final Thoughts

There is no reason you can't look stylish while riding off into the sunset. Knowing what to look for in riding clothes and being aware of retailers that specialize in plus-sized fashions will make it easier to find the riding attire you want..

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Plus Size Equestrian Clothing