Plus Size Exercise Clothes Gallery

Comfort Is Key

Plus size exercise clothes allow women to be comfortable when working out. You can choose to wear oversized sweats and t-shirts or tanks that you may have in your closet or shop for some of the latest styles in athletic clothing. Either way, the goal is to find an outfit that is absorbent, breathable and something you will want to wear during your workout.

Cotton Is Really Cool

Cotton t-shirts or tank tops are a good choice to wear when exercising. They allow your body to move freely and are more absorbent to perspiration. They also cost less than fancy athletic shirts.

Clothing that Stretches

A pair of Lycra Spandex leggings is another great choice to wear while exercising. Leggings are form-fitting and move with your body no matter what exercise you are doing. These are great to wear especially while biking, running or walking. Choose from ankle length, Capris or bike shorts.

Good Shoes are Important too

While the proper plus size exercise clothing is important, so is the right pair of athletic shoes. Ill-fitting shoes can cause heel spurs, shin splints and even plantar fasciitis. Take the time to get your feet measured and fitted with the right shoes. Your feet will thank you.

Not Just for Yoga Anymore

Pair your favorite exercise t-shirt with a pair of roomy and comfy yoga pants. Also known as lounge pants, these slacks not only feel good while wearing them, but are also easy to find both at online and in-person retail stores.

Dress Appropriately

Make sure your clothing matches your exercise. For instance, when practicing yoga, make sure you are dressed appropriately so your body can freely flow with your moves.

Layers, layers, layers

You should always layer your exercise clothes instead of wearing something heavy or bulky. As you heat up, you can remove the layers, cooling yourself off in the process.

Don't Forget Your Water

One fashion accessory every plus size woman should have while exercising is a cold bottle of water. It dresses up any outfit!

Just Be Yourself

It doesn't matter if you wear a fancy expensive sports bra and tank top or thrift store hand-me-downs, your plus size exercise clothes should be something that feel good on you as well as something you enjoy wearing. Remember, you are not putting on a fashion show when you go to the gym. You are there to help yourself get into shape.

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Plus Size Exercise Clothes Gallery