Plus Size Exercise Clothing in Canada

Shop for comfy, quality workout apparel.

If you've been searching for plus size exercise clothing in Canada, you're in luck. A number of specialty retailers offer a vast selection of workout attire, and there are even some stores outside of the country that will ship to Canada.

High Quality Workout Clothes

If you're ready to graduate from that basic shorts and T-shirt uniform you've been married to for a while now, you might want to consider a new workout ensemble or two. There are many plus size options available, designed to help women look and feel their very best during their workouts.

Beyond just the aesthetic appeal is the functionality that each piece offers. High-quality athletic wear is supportive, comfortable and long lasting; it will survive more than a handful of spins and tumbles in your washer and dryer. Since there is such an outstanding variety available, it's possible to find pieces at all price points. Even if your budget does not allow for more than a couple of items, you'll easily find something that fits well, does the job perfectly and lasts for years.

Plus size garments run the gamut from sports bras and tops to yoga pants and leggings. Of course, if shorts and T-shirts are your favored pieces, you'll find plenty of those, too!

Finding Plus Size Exercise Clothing in Canada

There are retail stores and Web sites galore devoted to plus size clothing, and a handful of niche sites that cater particularly to workout apparel. Since there are so many options, we've narrowed them down to a select few - these are the retailers that offer variety and quality.

  • 1-Plus: For the ultimate online shopping experience, look no further than the Reitmans (Canada) Limited group. Addition Elle, MXM and Penningtons operate under the banner, and each offers a strong selection of plus size active wear.
  • Above Average: Comfort and fashion are the cornerstones of the Above Average lineup. The company offers a strong selection of workout apparel from companies like Danskin, Harmony Activewear and Columbia Sportswear, all in sizes 14 and up. The products are not offered online; they are sold, along with various other plus size garments, at the company's lone retail store in North Vancouver, BC.
  • Lola + Gigi: This charming online boutique specializes in clothing designed "to fit your curves," according to its slogan. The "Active Wear" section includes a modest selection of yoga pants, capri pants, comfortable tops and light jackets to make your workouts a more fashionable experience.
  • Sears: Sears in Canada offers a great deal of workout apparel options, ranging from relaxed tank tops with loose cuts to stretchy leggings. You'll find these in stores and online, so if you already know your size you can easily order from the comfort of your own home.
  • Sportees: Known as one of Canada's leading active wear retailers, the company has been in the business for over two decades. The clothing, ranging from yoga pants and cold weather-jackets to sweat pants and jogging skirts, is available in a number of sizes. Designed with fashion and function in mind, the garments bring a bit of style to an otherwise bland workout and promise to last for years.
  • Lane Bryant: You can't go wrong with Lane Bryant, the retailer that specializes in plus-size apparel that ranges from size 14 to 32. The active wear section of the Web site contains a selection of tops and bottoms that are often on sale. Check back frequently; the selection changes often!
  • Alight: Another great option is Alight, an online store that ships to Canada. The sizes range from 14 to 30, and the active wear section is packed with everything from colorful leggings to vibrant baseball shirts. This is a great option if you're especially fashion-conscious and a big trend-follower; the styles are right in line with everything that's hot!

Keep in Mind

When shopping for plus size exercise clothing in Canada (and elsewhere, of course), keep a few points in mind. If you're ordering from a company that only ships via a Web site and does not have a retail store, take a close look at their return and/or exchange policy. Unless you're familiar with their cut and sizing, you may end up with something that is either a touch too big or too small. In store, try the garment on to confirm that it fits you well. Remember that your workout apparel must be comfortable in order to serve you well!

Plus Size Exercise Clothing in Canada