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Plus size Gothic clothes offer a variety of fashions representing everything from romantic Goth to punk style Gothic clothing. For those living the Goth lifestyle, finding the right clothes is the perfect way to complement the outside with who they are on the inside. However, it doesn't take clothes to make a Goth a Goth. Clothing is just a form of expression that lets the rest of the world see a glimpse of the real you.

Gothic Styles and Colors

The Gothic subculture is hard to define when it comes to fashion because it embraces a number of different looks. These differences don't just apply to clothing, either. Goths like different kinds of music and hold different religious beliefs. Unlike what people on the outside looking in often think, Goths are individualistic even when it comes to fashion sense.

People who don't understand the Goth culture often think Goth clothing only comes in black. That is close to true, but it isn't totally the case. Other colors often seen within Gothic fashion include deep reds, violet, green, blue and even white. Color is often used to highlight black clothing, but the bottom line is that, in general, black is the color of choice.

Romantic Goth Clothing

Romantic Goth fashions provide a more tailored fit. These styles are availabel through specialty shops in plus sizes and include items like:

  • Fitted velvet jackets
  • Corset dress
  • Lace
  • Period items

Punk Gothic Styles

Punk Gothic styles are at the other end of the fashion spectrum with accessories like:

  • Spiked collars
  • Spiked leather wrist bands
  • Plain leather wrist bands
  • Studded leather chokers

Cyber/Industrial Goth

Cyber Goth expands the color pallet for Goth clothing with neon choices. Just like romatic and punk, cyber Gothic clothing makes a totally unique fashion statement with things like:

  • Latex
  • Big boots
  • Goggles
  • Yarn extensions

Where to Buy Plus Size Gothic Clothes

Whether you live in a rural area where shopping for Gothic fashions is severely limited or in a busy urban area, the Internet can serve as your portal to a larger selection of plus size Gothic clothes. Here are a few places to start your shopping journey:

  • Eternal Love Plus Size collection at the Mystic Crypt
  • Chic Star includes Gothic, vintage, and retro styles in sizes up to 26
  • Pyramid Collection provides a selection of Gothic and other styles in sizes up to 3X.
  • Gothic Lolita Clothing offers Goth clothes for men and women as well as accessories including shoes and boots.

Style Beyond Goth Clothing

Along with various styles of black clothing, people who are part of the Gothic subculture often dye their hair black or deep red, or even black with streaks of red or similar combinations. Punk styles may be multicolored. Again, you can't fit Gothic fashion into one lump and call it the same. Goths are independent and individualistic.

Other common Goth fashion statements include:

  • Gothic tattoos
  • Body piercing jewelry
  • Black nail polish
  • Dark Gothic makeup

If you are a plus size Goth who is tired of wearing the same thing as everyone else in the Goth community, make time to regularly visit resale shops and secondhand stores. Shop for styles you can transform into Gothic outfits unique to you.

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Plus Size Gothic Clothes Options