Plus Size Hooded Winter Cape

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A woman who makes her own fashion rules can wear whatever she wants and feel confident in it, including a plus size hooded winter cape.

Cape Allure

Although capes have long fallen out of what's in vogue, some people still love the romanticism associated with them. Love gothic novels and corset dresses? You probably like the way capes swish around and add an air of mystery to the person wearing it. While a hooded cape can be considered a piece of gothic clothing, you don't have to be a goth to appreciate or look good in one. It will take a certain amount of confidence to strut around in a cape, however, when everyone around you is wearing regular coats!

One of the best aspects about capes, unlike other items of clothing, is that an exact fit isn't necessary. Capes accommodate a range of sizes. You may be able to fit one that's "one size fits all" and not have to look for a plus size label.

Buying a Plus Size Hooded Winter Cape

Capes aren't as easy to find as winter coats, but with a little searching in the right venues, you can find one to suit your needs. The best time of year to shop for a cape is around Halloween. Often, capes are sold as part of costumes. Women who want hooded winter capes, however, need a heavier material than what's commonly found in a Halloween costume. Look for velvet or wool instead of the flimsy polyester that makes up a lot of costumes.

Even beyond Halloween, you may have some luck finding a plus size hooded winter cape by shopping at costume retailers who operate year-round. One online store to look into is Sanctuarie Designs, which carries all of your dress-up needs, including a reversible hooded cloak that fits sizes 1x-6x. Available in satin or velvet, it's red on one side and black on the other. Unlike some other capes you'll find at costume stores, this one can stand alone and doesn't look as if it's part of Little Red Riding Hood's outfit.

You may also want to browse your local costume shops to see if they have any merchandise for sale. Short of buying one, your best bet may be to make your own hooded cape.

Making a Cape

If you're a crafty woman, you can make your own hooded cape. You'll be able to choose the color and material, making a unique garment that fits you perfectly. You don't have to be especially skilled to make a cape; unlike a piece of clothing with sleeves or special designs, a cape can be surprisingly easy to make. This semi-circular hooded cape pattern can be a start.

When to Wear It

Like a poncho, a hooded cape is an easy draping item for cooler weather. For maximum versatility, choose or make one that falls about knee-length; longer ones begin to look like costumes. If wearing a costume is your goal, slip into your cloak when attending parties.

You don't have to save your cloak for nighttime and wearing over a gothic corset dress, however. Simple cloaks can be worn much like ponchos - slip them on over jeans and high-heeled boots or a close-fitting skirt. Whether it's part of a costume or your own hip fashion statement, let your hooded winter cloak add warmth and just a touch of mystery to your look.

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Plus Size Hooded Winter Cape