Plus Size Magazines

Plus Size Magazines

Plus size consumers have an increasing array of media options at their disposal, including plus size magazines in both online and print formats.

Magazines That Cater to Full-Figured Women

Plus size magazines are both informative and entertaining. They offer helpful information pertinent to the plus size individual, such as diet and lifestyle concerns, as well as more lighthearted features, like the latest fashion trends and beauty tips. These magazines also serve to provide inspiration for plus size individuals. In today's advanced electronic age, more of these specialized magazines are found online than in print.

Plus Model Magazine

Plus Model Magazine is a premiere virtual magazine that celebrates and inspires not only plus size fashion but also the plus size modeling industry. It provides aspiring and professional plus size models with information and resources needed for a successful plus size modeling career.

Radiance: The Magazine for Large Women

At the end of 2000, the print issue of Radiance was put on hold, but back issues are still available on their website. In lieu of their print version, Radiance has developed an inspiring web magazine with highlights taken from articles in past print issues. This site is informative and includes:

  • Interviews
  • Features
  • Artwork
  • Book reviews
  • Personal essays
  • Poetry
  • Resources
  • Support available to readers

One feature worth mentioning is the Kids Project feature. Radiance magazine understands that overweight children struggle with self-worth issues, body image, and a lack of self esteem. The Kids Project offers supportive information on how to help large children lead happy, healthy lives.

Daily Venus Diva

Daily Venus Diva is an online plus size lifestyle magazine for "women with curves." The following are several of the magazine's features:

  • Informative articles
  • Interviews
  • Fashion finds and trends
  • Beauty tips and advice
  • Reviews
  • Cover models
  • Blogs

Plus Size Clothing Magazine

Plus Size Clothing Magazine is an online publication that provides the latest news on fashion trends for plus size women and big and tall men. The magazine includes:

  • News articles
  • Fashion and beauty tips
  • Articles on health, fitness and nutrition
  • Recipes
  • Shopping advice and information

Evolve Magazine

Evolve Magazine, based in the United Kingdom, launched the first issue of its print fashion and style magazine for fuller figured women in February 2011. Evolve plans to add an online version of their magazine in the near future.

Beleza Em Curvas

The first of its type, the upcoming plus size magazine for Brazilian women Beleza Em Curvas (Beauty and Curves) will feature articles and editorials on:

  • Fashion
  • Beauty
  • Health

POSE Magazine

Making its debut in May 2011, POSE Magazine is a plus lifestyle magazine that publishes two issues a year both online and in print.

Full Figure Plus

The Full Figure Plus site provides plus size women (and big and tall men) with a way to navigate around many of the online plus size magazines, websites and blogs. When it started in 2004, the idea was to help plus size people through the difficulties they face when trying to find places to buy plus size items online. It includes features like:

  • News
  • Shopping links dedicated to plus size women and men

Plenty of Info for Plus Size Women

Whether you choose to read plus size magazines online or in print, expect to find plenty of helpful information, including specialized news, features and fashions designed to meet the needs of full-figured women.

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Plus Size Magazines