Plus Size Mastectomy Bathing Suits
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Women who have undergone surgery for breast cancer may find a stylish and confidence-boosting solution in plus size mastectomy bathing suits. These suits are specially designed to accommodate prosthesis inserts and provide a natural look.

Following Surgery

Women who have had a mastectomy often deal with the challenge of finding clothing that allows them to feel as confident as they did prior to the procedure. Today there are more options than ever before for women to look and feel their very best. When the time comes to begin shopping for new swimsuits, women can rest assured that they will find something not only practical, but also flattering and comfortable.

Mastectomy Procedures

There are several types of mastectomies:

  • Radical mastectomy: Though not terribly common, the radial mastectomy includes complete removal of the breast, chest muscles and lymph nodes underneath the arms.
  • Bilateral mastectomy: Some or all of the tissue is removed from both breasts.
  • Lumpectomy: This procedure removes the cancerous tumor and a minimal amount of normal, uninfected tissue surrounding it/
  • Modified radical mastectomy: This procedure includes complete removal of the breast, the lining of the chest muscles and the majority of lymph nodes underneath the arms..
  • Total mastectomy: This procedure removes the entire breast including tissue and nipples

Some women may choose to undergo reconstruction surgery, a procedure in which surgeons build "mounds" using tissues from other parts of the body, or implants, to form the reconstructed breast. While it lacks the sensation of a natural breast, it does provide the appearance of one and can greatly enhance a woman's confidence.

Swim Breast Forms

Though there are many types of breast forms, certain varieties are better suited to the water than others. The Athletic & Swim Breast Forms sold at The Breast Form Store are designed for use in hot or cold water. They're made of silicone and feature a full shape that molds nicely to the body and fits perfectly inside a mastectomy swimsuit.

Choosing Plus Size Mastectomy Bathing Suits

The type of swimsuit a mastectomy patient chooses often depends on the type of procedure she has had. Post-mastectomy swimwear is widely available at most swimwear specialty stores, and can also be found at stores that specialize in products specifically for breast cancer patients. Available for women of all sizes, these suits feature built-in pockets in the bust area, which accommodate and securely hold prosthesis inserts or swim forms.

Despite their highly functional purpose, these suits don't slack in the style department - designers recognize that women don't have any desire to lose their sense of self or their innate love of fashion, and that shows in the many chic and colorful mastectomy bathing suits available today. The majority of plus size suits are also designed to conceal trouble spots and flatter a woman's figure from every angle. Get started on your search with a few of these options:

Swimsuits Just for Us

At Swimsuits Just for Us, the selection of plus size mastectomy bathing suits is impressive, indeed. Whether you prefer the appearance of a traditional swimsuit, a figure flattering swim dress or a comfortable swimsuit with swim short bottoms, you'll find it here. Prices range from $39 to $59, and are available from sizes 16W to 24W.

Swimsuits for All

Swimsuits for All, which specializes in swimwear for women sizes eight and up, carries a limited but stylish range of mastectomy swimwear. Choose from fashion-forward, two-piece blouson tankinis, one-piece bandeau halter swimsuits, playfully patterned separates and more. Prices range from $28 to $68, and the suits are available up to size 18.

OBX Sunwear

Variety is the name of the game at OBX Sunwear, where elegant swimsuits reign supreme. From comfortable sheaths and sarong tank styles to practical high-neck cuts and empire-waist swim dresses, there are styles here to suit every woman's needs. Prices range from $34 to $94, and the suits are available up to size 30W.

Being confident in your swimsuit following breast surgery is more important than what the suit actually looks like. Take along a friend or family member to help you choose that swimsuit. You will be glad you did.

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Plus Size Mastectomy Bathing Suits