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When warmer weather rolls around, curvy girls may want to show off their fabulous legs in plus size mini skirts. For a sexy and updated look, try a mini skirt. They come in a wide range of fabrics and styles to suit any number of occasions, including late-night partying, a casual date and occasionally, even work.

Where to Buy

Mini skirts in plus sizes can often be found in the women's department of many department stores. They can also be found in specialty stores and boutiques. For those who prefer the convenience of shopping online, there are many sites to check out.

BBW Boutique

BBW Boutique offers a selection of skirts for women in sizes up to 3X. One cute option is their Denim and Lace Mini done in a flirty style that will flatter your figure.


Torrid has a wide selection of mini skirts for the full-figured woman or teen. Their styles reflect the latest trends in fashion and are all fun to wear. Expect to find skirts in fresh styles such as:

Forever 21

Forever 21 has a great collection of mini skirts for the young and fashionable. You'll find options in denim, floral prints, plaids, and solid colors.

Charlotte Russe

Charlotte Russe offers popular styles like the bodycon mini and the destroyed denim skirt.

Styling Tips for Plus Size Mini Skirts

denim mini

Wearing a mini skirt can be an option for many ladies, but it takes a little styling savvy to pull one off.

Mini Skirt Fabric and Patterns

You'll find plus size mini skirts in a range of colors and styles, so you should have no trouble finding something to suit your preferences. Plus size women may want to choose a skirt that will not look overly tight and will be comfortable. If you are choosing a skirt in denim or cotton, try to find one that has some stretch.

A skirt done in a solid color will look more flattering on a plus size figure than one with overly bold print or stripes. Subtle prints can be worn if you keep the rest of your look simple.

Choose the Right Length

You don't want to send the wrong message with a skirt that's too short or one that just doesn't fit. A mini skirt should come a couple of inches above the knee. Depending on your work environment, even that may be too short, so be sure and adhere to your company's dress code. For the most flattering look, plus size gals should choose a mini that is just slightly above the knee. A shorter length can often enhance the appearance of thighs and hips which are commonly a woman's problem areas. Length that hits at the wrong place can actually make you look larger and draw attention to areas that would be best covered. Try on several different lengths until you find what works best on your figure.

The most flattering style for any figure to consider is the A-line skirt. This mini style flares out gently at the bottom and creates a slimming illusion. The A-line skirt comes in a wide variety of lengths making it the perfect option for those who are on the larger side.

Selecting Tops

Like wearing the right shoes, you'll want to be careful when selecting a top to wear with your mini skirt. A shirt that's too tight can make your entire look seem trashy and can be very unflattering. For those who are plus size, keep in mind that you will want to accentuate your shape without calling undue attention to specific problem areas.

There are many top suggestions to consider that will look great no matter what your size may be. Consider the following tips for the best look:

  • For those concerned about their mid-section, choose tops that are flowing and loose.
  • If you are wearing a denim mini skirt, consider pairing it with a top such as a polo or one with an empire waist. Other tops that look great when worn with denim are scoop neck tees or blouses.
  • Leather mini skirts would look sleek with a dark turtleneck or a long sleeve tee. To create a slender look, choose a black top with a black skirt.
  • A floaty mini skirt in a light fabric such as chiffon would pair well with a light cotton shirt or a cardigan set. For those who want a top to hide their hip area, choose one that hits below the waist and will cover up while looking stylish.

Mini skirts also work well with cute jackets and can be paired with different lengths to create a look that works best for your figure. A cropped jacket might work well for ladies who are larger on top but who have a smaller waist, while a jacket that hits just below the waist can help disgiuse a larger midsection.

Shoes to Wear with a Mini

This can sometimes be a tricky area when it comes to mini skirt fashion. The wrong shoes can cheapen your whole look. You will want to wear a shoe that will be flattering when worn with your skirt and will actually complement your entire ensemble. Some choices to consider include:

  • Ballet flats: They are not only comfortable, but look great year round.
  • Canvas slip on sneakers: They are sporty and casual, perfect with a denim mini.
  • Mary Janes: Thse offer a cute look, especially when paired with ankle socks.
  • Espadrilles: They provide height, but the wedge heels are less vampy than stilettos.
  • Boots: They can make you feel more covered up and can look sophisticated and flattering when paired with a mini.

When trying to dress to look more slender, use the same color scheme for your shoes, skirts and tights. This monochromatic look can make you appear slimmer and taller which is always a plus at any size.

Accessorize Your Look

Accessories always make the outfit. They can dress it up or down, depending on your mood or where you are going. They can also draw attention away from troublesome areas and pull the eyes up to your face.

Leggings are an ideal accessory for a mini skirt if you don't want your legs to be completely bare. A hot look is a mini skirt paired with solid leggings that stop mid-calf worn with high-heeled T-strap or Mary Jane shoes. This look is slimming and looks great for many occasions.

Versatile and Wearable Mini Skirts

Mini skirts aren't just for warm weather. With the proper accessories and materials, you can take mini skirts into fall and winter. Plus sizes will enjoy pairing their skirts with a dark pair of tights for a sleek look or a stylish pair of boots that will turn your look into something sophisticated and stylish.

With a large variety of plus size retailers selling clothes especially for those who need a larger size, there is no reason to be confined to unflattering fashions. You can wear the chicest mini skirts with flair and feel good in the process.

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