Plus Size Navy and White Dresses

You can't go wrong with this classic combination.

Plus size navy and white dresses can be a great addition to a well-rounded wardrobe. Not only are they quite versatile, they're available in numerous styles. Depending on your taste, you might opt for something bold and printed or something low-key and polished.

Versatile Navy and White

There's no doubt that black fills up plenty of space in the average woman's wardrobe. It acts as the ultimate neutral; it plays well with brilliant jewel tones and understated shades alike, and it has the added bonus of creating a slimmer silhouette. Of course, women love it too simply because it's easy and quick. After all, there's nothing quite like throwing on that fabulous grab-and-go black dress on a hurried morning.

As with too much of anything though, even black can get a little bland after a while. That's why it's great to have a wide range of neutrals on hand, including brown and tan. Even brighter colors not commonly considered "neutral" fit the bill, including red and navy blue. For women who favor black for its slimming qualities, navy can serve as a fantastic alternative. It's just as polished, elegant and flattering, and it's also available in many variations. There's the rich, enigmatic power of a midnight blue and the lighter, summery feel of a light navy. Either way, the color is surprisingly versatile and fits in nicely in most wardrobes.

Choosing Plus Size Navy and White Dresses

Convinced that you need to grab a few navy dresses for yourself? Consider a selection of plus size navy and white dresses, which may be minutely printed or boldly patterned. With a few of these in your arsenal, you'll always have something chic and practical on hand for your next big event, dinner meeting, impromptu luncheon or night out with the ladies (or that special someone).

While special occasions like those call for special attire, your low-key moments also demand comfort and style. Navy and white dresses fit the bill nicely, especially when they're made with cotton and jersey materials, which are relaxed and generally flattering to the figure.

Where to Shop

Since navy is such a diverse color that doesn't commit to any particular season (the way one relates red to the holidays, for example, or yellow to summer), you'll find a strong selection of dresses at any time of the year. You might see a few more styles during springtime, but in general you can expect to find plenty of plus size navy and white dresses at any time of year. Here are some great options for getting started:

  • alight: If you're looking for the ideal navy and white dress for a special event, pay a visit to Alight, the online boutique that caters to women sizes 14-30. The company offers dresses from the likes of Calico, which are made to order and take up to four weeks to produce. Among the styles available are satin crepe dresses that feature a full skirt with navy and white stripes. Check back often for new styles!
  • Old Navy: Go cheap on the chic by shopping at Old Navy's Women's Plus department. The collection is available exclusively online and caters to women sizes 16-30. Selections change all the time, so keep an eye out for Old Navy's popular jersey dresses in navy and white prints. The company usually has a range of great floral styles available year round, so this is a great place to stop by for that type of design.
  • Torrid: If you're searching for something a little bit off the beaten path, it may be worth it to pay a visit to Torrid. Here, you'll find edgy dresses galore, like navy and white striped dresses embellished with tattoo screen prints and motifs. These youthful looks are great for teens!

In addition to these specialty stores, you'll also want to check out the plus size sections at your favorite department stores. Places like Dillard's and Macy's boast vast plus size departments and offer everything from beaded chiffon dresses to casual maxi dresses. In addition to the online selection, be sure to visit the store for a more complete range of choices. It's never been easier to add plus size navy and white dresses to your wardrobe - the variety is outstanding!

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Plus Size Navy and White Dresses