Plus Size Rain Jacket Pictures

Jackets for Most Seasons

Except for in the dead of winter in most of the United States, plus size rain jackets can be worn when there is even the remote chance of inclement weather. Some are lightweight while others come lined for cooler spring or winter showers.

One of the best things about rain jackets is their versatility. They can be worn with work attire during the day and dressed down with jeans on the weekend. Most come in vibrant colors and patterns too.

Smiling in the Rain

Who says rainy weather has to be a downer? Put on a smile and your prettiest rain jacket and take a stroll through the park -- just don't forget your umbrella!

Double the Protection

Those living in hurricane- or monsoon-prevalent areas can keep even drier by wearing two rain jackets. It's not silly if you know you are going to be outside in pouring rain for a period of time.

Hood Up!

Make sure your rain jacket has a hood for those times when you can't get to your umbrella. Your hood will protect your hair from getting drenched and wind-blown.

Rainy Day Blues

Don't get frustrated when it rains. Wear your brightest colored rain jacket (with matching umbrella of course) and venture out into the world.

Find Your Rainbow

For a more tailored look, wear a raincoat with a tapered collar and cuffed sleeves. If you choose a jacket that is rather plain or dull, match it up with multicolored or bright umbrella.

Lady in Red

Even if it's not raining outside, a nice fitted rain jacket or trench coat can liven up any outfit.

Basic Black

Every woman should own a basic black raincoat or jacket. It goes with everything!

For a Little Warmth...

Find a rain jacket with a fleece lining. Many times, you can buy one that has a removable liner so it can be worn during several seasons.

Don't Forget Your Boots!!

A good plus size rain jacket is key, but pairing them up with some great rain boots is a wonderful idea! Boots can be worn for work, play or anytime you want to go out in the rain.

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Plus Size Rain Jacket Pictures