Plus Size Skorts

Plus Size Skort

A plus size skort is a pair of shorts with a flap of fabric placed in the front or back to give the look of a skirt. It can also be designed as a skirt with a pair of shorts sewn inside. Either way, a skort can be an excellent addition to a plus size casual outfit.

Origin of Plus Size skorts

skorts were originally designed for the tennis community to give active women the look of the traditional tennis skirt with the modesty of shorts. They were usually mid-thigh in length and white in color so that they could easily substitute for a tennis skirt.

Women golfers started to wear a longer version of the tennis skort as a substitute for their traditional split skirt. The golf skort was designed in colors and patterns consistent with the other fashionable activewear separates enjoyed by women golfers. Plus size skorts became more of a fashion staple when plus size women realized how the skirt-like panel would cover the inner thigh ride-up of their shorts when they walked. Now they are available year-round for activewear and during the warm weather months for casual wear.

Front Panel Styles

The front panel on a skort may be a flap, secured on one side of the skirt and free flowing on the other side. Another design is to have the flap sewn on both sides to provide the look of a skirt and avoid any concern about the skirt flap flipping up during activity. This "faux wrap" style may have side slits to allow more freedom of movement.


The inner shorts:

  • Absorb moisture
  • Minimize inner thigh chaffing
  • Allow freedom of movement

The skirt panel flap:

  • Covers upper thighs if inner shorts ride up while walking
  • Hides the informality of shorts
  • Provides a slimming look to the legs


skorts can be worn all year for any casual occasion. They are particularly fun and useful during the warm weather months when fashion needs are for comfort and coolness.

Casual Wear

skorts are excellent weekend and vacation wear. You can play with the kids, shop, take a walk or run your errands all with the comfort of shorts. They are also great in situations where you might feel that shorts or your daisy dukes are not appropriate. For example, wear them while sightseeing and you are more appropriately dressed if your travels take you into a restaurant or church.


If you are not into wearing bike shorts, a skort provides adequate coverage and can alleviate any thigh chaffing due to heat and friction while biking. Some women like the support of the bike shorts; but, they wear a skort over their bike shorts to give them more coverage during and after the bike ride.


Longer skorts are excellent for women golfers and are widely available in pro shops, golf stores and online. Look for a side pocket for added convenience to carry your ball marker, scorecard and pencil during the game.


Shorter skorts with ball pockets sewn into the shorts are often seen on the tennis courts. The days of traditional white tennis apparel have been replaced with a wide array of colored separates in a variety of comfortable activewear fabrics.


Some women like to wear a skort over their swimsuit as a cover-up. Self-wicking fabrics will help it dry quickly. They are also available in fabrics that inhibit the formation of mold, a great feature if you are traveling and you don't have enough time for it to dry completely before you pack.


skorts worn for sports are usually made of stretchy knits, often in self-wicking fabrics such as poly/Lycra blends that dry quickly. The knit allows for freedom of movement during the sports activity.

During the spring and summer, you can find plus size skorts in a wide variety of easy care casual fabrics including cotton, cotton-polyester and rayon.

Fashionable Versatility for the Active Woman

skorts are the ultimate combination of fashion and function. They offer the active plus size woman style, modesty, and versatility all at once.

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