Four Plus Size Sport Bra Reviews

Leading lady plus size sport bra

If you have been searching for the ideal bra for your workouts, our plus size sport bra review will help you find the one that offers the support and style you need. Our plus size editors tested sport bras from four manufacturers and compiled their notes for you.

Enell Sports Bra

The Enell sports bra has a unique sizing approach as well as a unique fit. With sizes that fit up to a 50DDD or a 52DD, Enell truly offers options for every sized woman. They recommend taking measurements instead of converting your standard bra size, in order to get the ideal fit. It is unusual in more than its sizing; the heavy satiny fabric is a surprise for those accustomed to a more cottony finish and the fit is designed to be snug. This fit is a good thing however, because this is one supportive jog bra. This bra has been featured in Oprah's O Magazine several times; you can buy it from a variety of retailers or order it directly from the Enell website. Pricing varies depending on size and style, but this support bra retails in the $60 range.

Size 5 Enell Bra


While this bra doesn't eliminate all bounce, our tester (who usually wears a 44DD) reported better support from this than any other jog bra tested (including ones she'd worn prior to the review). The bra was comfortable to wear for an extended time period; it did not dig or pull.

Size 6 Enell Bra

If you are putting this bra on for the first time, allow yourself a few extra minutes to get used to its tighter fit. This bra hooks up the front and it can be a struggle to get your girls placed while closing the fasteners. But don't worry, it's not too small. The snug fit allows for better support. Our tester (who normally wears a 46DD) did not wear this bra for any strenuous exercise, but found it comfortable to wear for low-impact walking.

Leading Lady Sports Bras

If you are looking for comfortably fitting sports or leisure bras with light support, Leading Lady's styles may be for you. With sizes up to 56G (Style 514), there is a style to fit most plus size women. The bras are easy to put on, which makes it a good option for women of all ages. Leading Lady bras can be found at the Leading Lady website, as well as Bigger and JMS.

46 C/D/DD Cotton Leisure Bra


If you are looking for a leisure or sports bra with light support, this one is it. This bra (Style 110) fastens up the front and is made of a soft and breathable cotton/spandex fabric. Available in sizes up to 52 F/G/H. Our tester (who wears at 46DD) found the bra to be extremely comfortable to wear doing everyday household chores, as well as during a leisurely stroll. This bra will not offer the support you may need for more strenuous exercises.

46 DD/F/G Sports Bra

This Leading Lady Sports Bra (Style 514) definitely offers more support than the leisure bra that was tested. The pull-over, racerback style offers light support where its needed (our tester wears a 46DD), but not as much as support as the Enell bra. This is good to wear while walking and even bike riding, but is not a good bra for activities such as jogging. The cotton/spandex fabric does not feel heavy against your skin when you are sweating either.

Grenier Sports Bra


While Grenier's sizes do max out at a 42 or 44, depending on cup size, their "full support cotton sport bra" (Style 8404) is a definite contender in the jog bra arena. This breathable cotton blend bra has adjustable shoulder straps and offers a flexible underwire for support with attractive shaping. While not quite as bounce-proof as the Enell model, it was comfortable, supportive and our tester was very pleased with the 42DD. Note that it is difficult to adjust the strap length once you are wearing it, since the hooks are on the back; the hook location may be uncomfortable to some with sensitive skin, as well. You can find the Grenier Sports model online at for a suggested retail of around $42.

Champion Jog Bra

The Champion bra has the advantage of being readily available and reasonably priced at slightly under $20. It is carried by many sports stores and large retailers, including Target. This bra offers moderate support, and is a stretchy "shelf" style bra with no underwire. It is relatively comfortable, but the fit is not for everyone. This bra comes in Small, Medium, Large, X-Large and XX-Large sizes and has no adjustments (other than the built in elastic) so it may not fit some people.

Our tester tried the XX-Large and while the bra did its job and felt fairly comfortable, she did notice coverage was not overly generous (she usually wears a 42DD) and that she "bulged" out of the bra slightly. After several washings, it did lose some of its elasticity as well.

Proper Care

No matter which plus size sport bra you choose, make sure you follow the manufacturer's care directions. Your bra will last much longer if you don't abuse it by tumbling it dry or otherwise ignoring the care label.

Note: Some of the bras for this review were provided by Enell, Grenier and Leading Lady at no cost.

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Four Plus Size Sport Bra Reviews