Plus Size Superhero Halloween Costumes

Crystal Schwanke
Catwoman mask

Superhero costumes are a fun way to celebrate Halloween, wear at a costume party, or put on for another costume event, and they're easy to find online or make for yourself. You can be a well-known superhero, a sidekick, a more obscure character that will keep people guessing, or a mash-up of several character elements that just give off a general superhero vibe.

Find Plus Size Superhero Costumes Online

If you don't have time to put together your own costume or you're just not feeling crafty, you can shop online for plus size superhero costumes at several stores. has a handful of plus size superhero costumes to choose from, including:

  • Robin: If your significant other or best friend wants to be Batman and you like the idea of going as a "team," consider the Robin costume here for around $50.00. It comes with the dress, cape, belt, mask, and gloves, but you can also pick up the boots and other accessories at the same time. It comes in one size that fits 36" to 44" chest, 36" to 42" waist, and is 38" in length. The faux-belt design offer a waist-defining style.
  • Harley Quinn: She's been known as a villain but has become more of an anti-hero recently, even teaming up with the DC Super Hero Girls. This costume includes the dress, headpiece, eye mask, gloves, and thigh-high legwarmers for about $50.00, but if you have extra cash, you can add on a mallet, shoes, wig, and other items. The dress itself is an empire waist style, so it flows in a flattering way under the bust.
  • Wonder Woman: This costume comes in a range of prices depending on the selected size, but all are under $100.00. It includes the dress, headband, choker, and wrist cuffs. You can add a wig, gold cuffs (instead of silver), crown, boots, and other accessories for an additional cost. This costume is available in sizes 1X to 3X.

Party City

If you're in a rush to get your costume, you may get lucky and find what's online in a store near you. Party City carries:

  • American Dream: This one's only available online (for less than $50.00) and the Plus size fits sizes 18 to 20. This character is a bit more obscure than some of the others, but her costume is similar to Captain America's (patriotic). It includes the dress, mask, gloves, and thigh-high tights. The vertical design of the waist stripes is cute as well as slimming.
  • Sexy Spidergirl: This costume is made up of a polyester catsuit and mask for about $50.00. It's available in Party City's Plus size, which fits sizes 18 to 20 (up to 5'10"). You can also pick up Spider-Man gauntlets for less than $15.00. This is a more fitted costume style, so it's a good choice for those who feel comfortable showing off their curves.
  • Dead Pool: If staying warm is one of your goals for Halloween night, this Zipster will do the trick and keep you in costume. It's a fleece, hooded jumpsuit with eyeholes that allow the hood to function as a mask. Get it for less than $50.00 in Plus (size 18 to 20). It's only available online. Since it's a bit looser than some of the other styles on the market, it might be a good choice for ladies who aren't keen on ultra-fitted costume styles.


You can find anything on Amazon, and if you have Prime, you'll be able to get free two-day shipping on some of the options. Some of their plus size superhero costume offerings include:

  • Wonder Woman as she looked in the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie (one size, equivalent to 14 to 16 dress size), for about $45.00. It includes a strapless top, skirt with belt, gauntlets, armband, boot tops, and headband tiara. You can add a deluxe cape, lasso, and/or shield. Even though it's strapless, the top doesn't dip too low, so it's perfectly suitable for plus size ladies who are larger on top and want to keep everything in place.
  • Poison Ivy (Daisy Corsets Top Drawer 3-Piece Glitter Ivy Vixen Corset Dress Costume) in sizes up to 6X for around $150.00. With this set, you get a steel-boned corset dress, ivy sash, and matching headband. Add on a red wig and a pair of green pumps for the final touches. This is flattering with its nipped-in waist, but is on the shorter side. Curvy ladies who aren't comfortable in something this short can also choose to pair it with tights or leggings for a cute, sexy costume.


If you like your Halloween costumes a little on the risque side, Yandy's selection won't disappoint. Choose from:

  • Sexy Superhero Corset Costume: This one (about $150.00) seems to be inspired by Wonder Woman and comes with a dress made up of a red corset top (with boning and lace-up back), flared blue skirt, and gold belt. It also comes with gold wrist cuffs and a headband. Get it in sizes 2X to 6X. You can add red boots or glitter peep-toe pumps. The gold belt comes right under the bust and since the skirt is slightly flared it offers a sexy, flattering style.
  • Cute American Hero Costume: With this option, you get a blue long-sleeved jumpsuit with white stars along the sleeves and legs and red detailing at the waist. It also includes a shield wristband and a matching headband. Expect to pay about $50.00. It's available in 1X/2X or 3X/4X sizing. Like the Sexy Spiderman, this one is more form-fitted and suited to those comfortable in tighter looks. The v-style red band at the waist draws the eye vertically for an elongating look.
  • Sexy Hero Girl: This option includes a gold bustier, blue skirt, reversible cape, and gold headband. You can pair a petticoat with it for extra sass, but it isn't included. The bustier has red and blue detailing and the skirt has white stars on it. Get it in size 1X/2X for under $100.00. Pick up some glittery go-go boots as the final touch and you'll be ready for your fun night out. The corset-style costume is sexy as well as waist-defining.

DIY Options

No time to wait for a costume to be shipped to you? No interest in going from store to store to find the perfect one? Want to win a contest at a party and worried that the store-bought options won't take home the trophy? Get creative and make your own superhero costume using things in your closet, around the house, and/or inexpensive items you can pick up at just about any store. An extra bonus to your DIY superhero look is that you can customize it to fit your curves exactly the way you want it to.

Jessica Jones and Luke Cage

All you need to be Jessica Jones are:

  • A gray t-shirt (fitted)
  • Dark wash jeans
  • Black leather jacket
  • Gray infinity scarf
  • Black biker boots

Depending on your style, you may have every one of those things in your closet right now. A black shoulder-length wig and a pair of black fingerless gloves are optional. If you want to accessorize further, add a camera and some aviator sunglasses.

For Luke Cage, jeans and an old hoodie will do it. Snip holes into the hoodie and then give the material a little tug to stretch them out. Couples costume dilemma, solved in a hurry.

Jessica Jones and Luke Cage costume

Poison Ivy

If you have a green wrap dress (if you don't, check out the Whimsy Wrap Dress at Kiyonna for about $80.00), you're well on your way to creating the perfect DIY Poison Ivy costume. You'll also need:

Black or green pumps finish the look. You can also use a green wrap top and a red skirt to get the style. Poison Ivy is best known as a supervillain, but has become one of the heroes in the DC Super Hero Girls series.

Poison Ivy costume


You may come close to having everything you need to become Storm for Halloween in your closet, other than the wig, black cape, and special effects contact lenses. All it takes to piece together this costume are:

  • Black knee-high boots
  • Black leggings
  • A black bodysuit or fitted top
  • A black corset or waist cincher
  • Black belt
  • Black leather gloves

For the belt buckle, cut a circle out of a piece of cardboard, draw an X with a permanent black marker, then color in the rest with a silver marker or paint pen. Glue a pin to the back (a clothespin will work without ruining your belt) and clip it to your belt.

Storm costume

Ms. Marvel

A black bodysuit or one-piece swimsuit combines with a red scarf or sash to make up the majority of the Ms. Marvel costume. To finish it off, you'll need:

  • Long black gloves
  • Thigh-high black boots (you could use thigh-high socks and all-black shoes in a pinch)
  • A mask

You can make your own mask or draw one directly onto your face with makeup. The trickiest part of the costume, the lightning bolt across the bodysuit, can be accomplished with fabric paint:

  1. Draw a line from the left shoulder to under the right arm.
  2. About two inches from where the line started, draw another line from the left shoulder to the middle of your chest.
  3. Draw another line from mid-chest to under the left arm, then draw a line from under the arm to the right hip.
  4. About two inches down from the line that ended under the right arm, start another (slightly slanted) line that extends across the chest and ends just left of the center, a few inches below the line in step two.
  5. Connect that point to the right hip.
  6. Fill in the lightning bolt with the gold fabric paint.

If you're more comfortable using gold fabric and then gluing or sewing it on, you can do it that way, too. Simply take measurements while wearing the bodysuit or swimsuit and then draw your lightning bolt on the gold fabric. Cut the lightning bolt out and then attach it to the bodysuit using your preferred method.

Ms Marvel costume

Enjoy Your Costume

Halloween offers a chance to be someone else for a night, so enjoy your superhero status. Wear your costume with pride, whether you got it online, in a store, or made it yourself. If you're into Cosplay or visiting comic book events be sure to set your costume aside for later use. You'll have something ready to go when a fun superhero event pops up near you.

Plus Size Superhero Halloween Costumes