Plus Size Tank Dress

Woman in a plus size tank dress

A plus size tank dress is an easy, casual style that full figured women can feel comfortable in during warm weather.

Great for Spring and Summer

Typically, tank dresses are made of materials that are designed to keep you cool during spring and summer, such as cotton, linen or rayon. When buying a tank dress, consider how you'll most likely wear it. You might want simple styles that pack well if you frequently travel to warm climates; or you may want to wear your tank dress as a beach coverup, in which case light colors and breathable fabrics should be your main concern.

The sleeveless style of tank dresses makes them ideal for hot weather, whether you wear them around your home, while running errands or at any number of spring and summertime events. Like tank tops, these dresses feature a low neckline and medium to wide straps, which is often a flattering look on many plus size women, especially if you don't feel comfortable wearing spaghetti straps on your tops and dresses. If you require a supportive bra with wide straps, a tank dress's similarly wide straps will hide your bra straps well.

You'll find these dresses in short and long lengths; even floor length tank dresses work to keep you cool, as long as they're made of cotton or other lightweight, breathable fabrics.


What if you love the easy breeziness that a plus size tank dress offers, but you don't feel confident about exposing your upper arms, an area that many women don't rate as their favorite feature (plus size or not)?

During the spring when the weather fluctuates and having a cardigan on hand is useful, carry along a casual coverup such as a three-quarter sleeve cardigan or shrug. You don't have to choose a garment that's too fancy or elaborate-tank dresses are very spring or summer casual, so your cover should match.

How to Wear Your Plus Size Tank Dress

You don't have to put too much complicated planning into a tank dress outfit. This spring or summer dress style lends itself well to getting dressed at the last-minute. Most likely, you won't need to iron it or have it dry cleaned, so it travels well from closet right onto your body.

Casual shoes such as flat sandals, wedge sandals, sneakers or sneaker slingbacks are best for very casual dresses. In addition, a wide-brimmed canvas hat keeps your face and neck protected from the sun if you wear your tank dress as a beach or poolside coverup.

If your tank dress is floor-length or made of dressier fabric, high-heeled sandals will accessorize it nicely.

Where to Shop

Look into these retailers for a selection of tank dresses made for the curvy woman:

  • Big on Batik carries tank dresses in various colors and styles. This plus size retailer offers flattering fashions to women who want to be noticed.
  • Fresh Produce carries a line of casual and comfortable plus size styles, including tank dresses with fun and vibrant patterns.

Casual to Dressy Casual

While many of the tank dresses you'll find are perfect for a casual day at the beach, at the mall, at a picnic or backyard barbecue, you'll also find some that are slightly dressier and work for evening occasions. Because these dresses tend to be simple, make sure you accessorize them well to pull your entire ensemble together in a casually chic way.

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Plus Size Tank Dress