Plus Size Women's Slips

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Plus size women's slips to wear under sheer clothes or any garments that could benefit from extra lining are available in a range of styles and designs. They are perfect for women who like to keep things simple as well as those who love frilly lingerie.\

All About Slips

Slips don't have to be those plain white undergarments you see in the lingerie department whose only function is providing a barrier between thin clothes and you. While there are plenty of functional slips available, if you prefer something more feminine and lacy, you'll be able to find those as well.

You also have the option to buy slips that contain tummy-controlling fabrics for additional shaping; you'll still have the coverage of a slip without the confines of a girdle or body shaper. For women who prefer slips that won't reveal anything should their skirts fly up, there are also petti-pants or culotte-type slips that are made in a shorts-style. If you're a plus size woman who often has trouble with chafing thighs, the culotte-style slip may be a comfortable option for you.

Full or Half Slips

Slips fall into one of two categories: Full or half. Full slips cover your bust, torso and some part of your leg, depending on its length, while half slips come up to your waist and only cover your legs. You may need both types of slips for different garments. If you're wearing a dress that's sheer all over, it's best to wear a full slip underneath in a shade that matches your body tone. You can also wear a slip that matches the dress. So if your dress is white and slightly transparent, you can choose a nude-colored slip or a white one. Wearing a black slip underneath a white dress can look unsightly; after all, the point of a slip is to be underwear, or hidden. People should focus on your outer garments, not what's underneath.

Full slips are often sized according to the bust area. You choose your slip based on the bra size you wear. Some full slips provide underwire support in the bra, so if you need the support, make sure you buy slips that have it. You'll usually have the option to adjust your shoulder straps for the most comfortable fit.

If you're wearing a skirt that has no lining or that's sheer, but your top provides enough coverage, you can wear a half slip. Again, choose the most coordinating color so that your lingerie isn't obvious. You may need half slips in various lengths as well if you have different skirt lengths in your closet.

Some companies sell full and half slips in adjustable lengths. Lace portions are divided at the bottom of the slip; if you need the slip shorter, you can cut the extra portions off.

Where to Buy Plus Size Women's Slips

Besides the Women's lingerie department of your favorite local shop, these online retailers carry a varied selection of slips in half and full sizes:

Caring for Your Slip

While plus size women's slips are usually an inexpensive lingerie item, you still want to care for them as gently as possible to prolong their life. As with many lingerie pieces, you can hand wash your slips in cold water and hang them or dry or lay them flat. You can also place them in a lingerie bag before washing in your machine's gentle cycle in cold water. Even if a slip says it's machine-dryable, it's best to air dry because the dryer's heat will eventually break down the elastic waistband in half slips.

Pretty or Plain

Whatever kind of slip you like, you'll be able to find something that fits your style. Wearing one underneath your sheer or unlined clothes is a necessary part of being well-dressed so don't get caught without one. Even the most basic slip will keep your underwear from showing through a thin skirt, so buy several styles to go underneath various outfits. You'll feel confident and comfortable that your undergarments stay hidden while your outerwear shows just how fashionable you are.

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Plus Size Women's Slips