Finding Plus Sized Jackets

plus size jacket

When fall and winter roll around, plus sized jackets are the full-figured woman's best cool weather accessory. Jackets come in many styles, colors and shapes. If you prefer something more tailored, a blazer will fit the bill. If you need a heavy jacket to block the cold, parkas will do the job nicely. Whatever type of jacket you desire, you'll find many options in plus sizes.

Types of Jackets

What kind of jacket would you like? There are a few different styles, all suitable for different purposes or looks, including:

  • Blazer
  • Parka
  • Windbreaker
  • Fleece
  • Leather

In general, jackets cover the torso and sometimes the hips, but are shorter and lighter weight than coats.

Where to Buy Plus Sized Jackets

While shopping retailers who specialize in attire for the woman of size is always smart, you can also shop the women's sections of many department stores for a jacket. Some stores to look into include:

Jacket Styles for Plus Size Women

For work or for casual dress, there is a jacket for any occasion. Jackets are wonderfully versatile and can add a touch of sophistication to the simplest outfit.


While jackets can be made from just about any type of textile, there are fabrics that are more commonly used for jackets than for other garments. Designers work with these materials to create special patterns and styles to flatter the full-figured woman. Look for fabric choices like:

  • Denim
  • Fleece
  • Leather
  • Real or faux fur or suede
  • Microfiber and other textile blends
  • Leather
  • Quilted fabrics
  • Wools


Just like the fabrics used to create this apparel, there are a wide range of styles available. Single- and double-breasted jackets are perennial fashion staples, but swing jackets and trench-coat styles have made a strong comeback. Zip-front closures, wrap ties, and button-front closures can be found in plus size jackets, and many coats feature removable linings or hoods. Here are some suggested styles to spark your fashion sense:

  • Super-soft, distressed denim gives you the look and feel of a favorite pair of jeans instantly and makes this jacket perfect for coordinating with a pretty floral dress.
  • Look sleek and slim in this black hoodie jacket that is perfect as an active wear cover-up or paired with slacks for a variety of looks.
  • Look fresh and modern in this trench coat from Fullbeauty.
  • A plush velvet jacketa perfect partnertner for your special occasion ensembles. Add a touch of gothic romance to your personality when you don this corset style jacket embellished with lace.

Plus Size Tips

In general, full figured women should keep some tips in mind when selecting plus sized jackets, either for stylish purposes or for functional cold weather wear.

  • Buy your exact size; ideally, you should try any jacket on before buying. Look at yourself in a mirror from all angles to make sure the garment is a good fit. Lift your arms and twist at the waist to ensure a full range of motion with no binding or discomfort. All buttons should close over the bust without unattractive gaping.
  • Don't buy a jacket that is too bulky because you don't want its appearance to add extra pounds to your frame. Unless you live in a frigid climate where it snows much of the winter, you don't need a jacket that bulks you up.
  • Choose the most flattering shape for you: If you have a lovely waistline, jackets that belt at the waist will show that off. If you are top heavy, avoid cropped jackets and select ones that come down in a straight silhouette or A-line. Swing jackets are a good choice for camouflaging tummy bulges.

Jacket Season

Since there is such a wide array of jacket choices, you shouldn't feel limited in your selection. You can have a jacket in virtually any color or cut you want, so shop early in the season and when cold weather threatens, you'll already be outfitted in some of the most fashionable jacket styles around.

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