Queen Size Sexy Nightgown

queen size nightgown

Few things can rival a queen size sexy nightgown for leave-something-to-the-imagination flirtatiousness. While some plus size women love naughty lingerie that lets it all hang out, others are a little more reserved. Or they want to lead to a slow build up for romantic encounters. The beauty of nightgowns is that they're available in different styles, lengths and transparencies, which make them perfect for all women, regardless of their comfort level.

What's Your Style?

Nightgowns come in sweeping floor-length styles, sometimes with matching robes. Or you can find them in short lengths (commonly called nighties) that are more revealing. You'll find them in cotton, satin, silk, polyester and nylon. Nightgowns come in a huge array of colors as well. With all of this variation, it shouldn't be too difficult to find a nightgown that suits you.

If you're looking for a queen size sexy nightgown, consider these characteristics that lend a sexy vibe to this sleepwear:

  • Transparency: See-through nighties are great for offering a sneak peek without revealing all. There are different levels of transparency, allowing you to choose how much you want to display. Because nightgowns are usually thin, they can be fairly transparent without much effort, or you can buy sheer, delicate styles that are made to be see-through and sexy. It's up to you whether you choose an allover sheer nightgown or one that features strategically placed sheer areas.
  • Color: White, pale pink, soft blue and other pastels are generally tame choices when it comes to nightwear. If you want something bold and daring, you can reach for red, black, animal print or even hot pink. However, a pastel number can still be sexy depending on the style and design, so don't discount softer colors if they're your favorites.
  • Details: Little details matter. Thigh-high slits, lace and cutouts are just some of the sexier details you may want to look for when seeking nightgowns that are less than innocent. Also look for low cut fronts, low backs, super short lengths and lacing.
  • Material: Want to look sexy? Forget flannel. Instead, go for silk or satin, fabrics that glide through your fingers. Fortunately, sexy nightgown options are widely available in these sensual materials.

Finding Queen Size Sexy Nightgowns

If you're a plus size woman looking for a nightgown that makes you feel sexy and inviting, try these retailers for options:

Buying Tips

Keep these points in mind when searching for sexy nightgowns:

  • Size: Nightgown sizes tend to be more forgiving than other lingerie such as teddies or bras. Although not tight and clingy, you can still find plenty of options that are sexy. You want a nightgown that skims your curves, not sticks to your skin.
  • Matching accessories: To create a complete ensemble, see if you can buy matching accessories at the same time you purchase your nightgown, such as robes and panties.
  • Your particular style: "Sexy" means different things to different people. If long gowns make you feel glamorous and alluring, then wear them. You don't have to prance around in a tiny nightie if you're not comfortable. Part of portraying sexiness is how you feel, so wear what makes you feel good, and your sexy attitude is sure to come through.

Queen Size Style

Anytime you want to feel alluring and sensuous, slipping into a queen size sexy nightie is sure to put some sizzle into your evening. With so many choices available for plus size women today, you should be able to select the perfect nightgown that leaves as much-or as little-to the imagination as you want!

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Queen Size Sexy Nightgown