Finding Sexy Plus Size Clothing

sexy and plus size

For full-figured women who don't want to blend in, but really want to stand out, finding sexy plus size clothing is a must. Fortunately, curvy gals today will find an array of attractive garments to flatter their bodies. If your style motto is "no more caftans," then shopping for beautiful clothes is a top priority. Where should the plus size woman who's into showing off her curves instead of hiding them shop?

Shopping for Sexy Plus Size Clothing

These retailers offer a variety of clothes for the fuller figure. Not only are they keeping in step with what's new and trendy, they also mix a little sex appeal into their styles for the plus size woman who wants to "wow":

  • Kiyonna: For size 12 and up ladies, this site carries professional, casual and dressy clothing that's always sophisticated. Every woman needs a little black dress and a lacy dress with ¾ sleeves will fill that need nicely. The lace overlay over a nude-colored lining gives the illusion of bare skin without revealing anything; when you're trying to be sexy, it's what you leave to the imagination that counts.
  • Igigi: You'll definitely feel beautiful in the clothes offered by this retailer, including the Loretta violet skirt. Worn as shown, with a wide-strap tank and gorgeous heels, you'll have no trouble attracting the right kind of attention. Or you can make the Amanda pants work for you by pairing them together in an ensemble that will carry you through a weekend shopping excursion or on vacation.

Sexy Clothing Pointers

Although some women equate less clothes with sexiness, this isn't always the case. There are many outfits you can wear that will not only make you look sexy, but classy as well. This is especially important for not attracting the wrong kind of attention. Just because a woman is full-figured doesn't mean she has to cover herself up from head to toe, but keep these points in mind before wearing that ultra short mini-skirt and sky high heels:

  • Sometimes more is more: Less isn't always more. You don't have to walk around in a backless minidress to look sexy. While this look would be fine for a nightclub, you could also pair a chiffon blouse with dark, straight leg jeans and a pair of killer heels for an ensemble that's sexy, but not sleazy.
  • Get the right fit: Tight clothes look tacky, no matter what your size. It's important to pay attention to how your clothing fits, not the number on the label. If you have to suck in to zip up a pair of jeans and you can barely breathe or bend your knees once you get them on, they're too tight. Put those back and grab a pair that really fit. Not only will you look better, you'll be more comfortable, too.
  • Pick one area of focus: Often, women who are trying to look sexy think that baring it all is the way to go. Not so. If you love your arms, wear a sleeveless top, but keep your bottoms more conservative. A pencil skirt, wide legged slacks or straight jeans all work with a daring top while keeping your overall look sophisticated. If you're proud of your legs, wear a short skirt, but keep your shirt modest; a peasant top, wide-sleeved baby doll or wrap shirt work better than a midriff-baring spaghetti strap tank.

It's All in Your Attitude

Remember: A large part of exuding sexiness is in your attitude. If you feel confident, it shows. By pairing the right pieces together and not baring it all, you'll look classy, elegant and definitely sexy.

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Finding Sexy Plus Size Clothing