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Short Prom Dresses in Plus Size


Finding cute short prom dresses in plus size is not difficult, although choosing your favorite might be. Whether you want something truly vintage, slightly retro or definitively modern, there are a number of selections from which to choose.

Short Prom Dresses in Plus Size

No matter what your shape, one of the most flattering styles of short formal dresses features a tight bodice and a flared skirt. Worn over the correct underwear and with great shoes, this look will always be a hit. It's a classic look that can be very 1950s, or totally up to the minute. Empire waists are also a popular choice for short prom dresses in plus sizes. Again, these can be retro or modern. Many empire waist dresses feature a flattering halter top. Combined with the right bra, this will focus attention in all the right places. For a short formal dress, the skirt should not be much above the knee. You should feel free to wear a shorter dress if you can find one, but be prepared to wear it with a lot of attitude, as that's the only way to carry it off.

Shopping Choices

Prom is a special occasion and you want to look your best. Take a lot of time when shopping, especially if you are using online stores. You want the option of exchanging something if it doesn't fit properly. A good online source to start your search is Prom Girl, which has a nice plus size section, further divided by styles. While there are not a lot of dresses, you can start to get the sense of what might work for you, especially since they use plus size models. While they do not include short dresses as one of the sections, nearly every choice includes a shorter dress. A popular choice is the dress by Sydney's Closet, which has a sexy, retro flair. The ruched bodice adds detail and is flattering to all figures. The straps are detachable, so you can opt for a halter top or go strapless. It is fitted to the hips with a pleated skirt and comes with a contrasting sash worn around the waist and a two-toned shawl. The color combinations available are fuchsia and pink, black and white and yellow and black.

Sydney's Closet also has a web presence of their own. They specialize in plus size clothing, so you know you are getting something designed with your body in mind. You can choose from 26 dresses, most of which have a retro style. The knee-length "Amelia," for example, is very 1950s in satin with a cross-over fitted bodice, sexy V-neck, cap sleeves and a sash. It comes with a rhinestone pin for a bit more flair, but you can leave it off if it doesn't match your other jewelry. Colors include apricot, plum, black and cherry and it's sized up to 36. You should note, however, that anything above a size 26 costs an extra $10.

Other shops carrying a lovely selection of plus size gowns include:

Vintage Choices

While there are many sources for online vintage shops that will feature short prom dresses in plus sizes, an actual vintage dress is something that you should try to buy in person, if at all possible. However, there is such a wealth of choices on sites like eBay, if you shop from a seller who lists all the measurements, you are very likely to find something that works. A genuine 1950s cocktail dress, often made of taffeta with a chiffon overlay and featuring charming details, is something to treasure.

Shoes and Accessories

Short dresses are perfect for serious shoe girls. In fact, you may want to opt for a simpler dress, all the better to show off the shoes. If you are wearing a vintage dress, don't worry about pairing it with vintage or retro shoes. Just make sure they don't clash. Accessories, like bows, can help hide any bulges that might be worrying you. A few simple accessories will turn a good look into a stunning one.

Short Prom Dresses in Plus Size